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As the November 2022 World Cup in Qatar draws nearer, fans around the world are getting ready to soak up everything the event has to offer. That’s over 1.2 million people expected to visit. To accommodate fans and draw in new business, it’s more important than ever for companies to find the right translation services in Qatar.


The cultural and economic impact of FIFA World Cup events 

Global sporting events draw in global viewers. When it comes to the FIFA World Cup, fan expectations are high. The World Cup has been running since 1930, and today is considered one of the most popular sporting events in the world.

But the FIFA World Cup doesn’t only impact fans. Nations queuing to put in their hosting bid recognize the benefits it can bring, from boosting the economy and creating new jobs, to inspiring the next generation to take up sports.

What’s more, studies show that internationally significant events, like sporting competitions, can “change the image of a tourism destination in a short time”. Suddenly, a city is showcased around the world, welcoming an incredible number of first-time visitors.


Sport translation services and FIFA World Cup events

When it comes to planning a major sporting event, language needs to be considered at the planning stage. Fans, professional athletes, coaches, reporters… everyone needs to know what’s going on to help the event run smoothly. 

This means making the most of sports translation services. Everything from sports rules to sports village signage needs to be translated accurately and swiftly.

However, language considerations aren’t only important for the event organizers. This year, local businesses will see an influx of global tourists. Whether it’s local hotels, restaurants, or cultural exhibitions, many business owners can benefit from building a rapport with visitors by offering clear information in their languages.

Here are a few areas where translation could be needed for the World Cup in Qatar:

  • Merchandising 
  • Advertising and sponsors
  • Restaurant menus
  • Tourist information
  • Hotel materials
  • Signage


What makes good translation services in Qatar?

Professional sports translators know more than two languages. They know about the sport and about translation techniques, and have cultural knowledge. 


1. Terminology and rules

Sports translators will often work with technical documents. These might include niche terminology in both languages or require an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of the game.


2. Knowing when to translate

Some words do not exist in other languages. Perhaps they use loan words (words from other languages) or use a description rather than a single word. When it comes to rapidly changing fields like sports, translators need to know how, and when, to translate each term.


3. Confidentiality

Expert translators should work confidentially and impartially. This way, clients can rely on their professionalism to create an accurate translation at all times.


4. Working with different formats

People in the sports industry work across a wide range of channels. So, sport translation services need to do the same. This might be translating TV subtitles, legal documents, webpages, OOH marketing campaigns, or more. Working in such a varied way requires true expertise.


Choosing translation services in Qatar

At Future Trans, we specialize in translation services across the Middle East and North Africa. We work with native-speaking experts who truly understand the language and cultures of the areas we work in.

As an ISO 17100-certified company, our clients can trust us to create the highest quality translations. 

Whether you need sport translation services or translation for related businesses, we can help. Get in touch to let us know what you need.

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