Will Healthcare Translation Services Improve Parents’ Participation in Neonatal Care?

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We have to admit it! Yes, sometimes the health of newborn babies is in danger due to lack of communication between doctors and parents. 

We also have to do something more positive to make it possible for parents of the infants who are born prematurely, or newborns with poor health, to communicate better with healthcare professionals in order for them to take a greater part in the care of their kids.

Recent studies about neonatal care are showing that we need to decide where, when and how healthcare institutions should get the help of professional healthcare language services, particularly interpretation, to make things easier for both pediatricians and parents.

Various interviews with expatriates in different countries are showing that when the parents cannot speak or understand the language of the physician, serious problems may arise ─ which could affect the well-being of newborns.

According to many infant intensive care doctors, the studies reveal, it’s up to parents to tell them whether they need the help of an interpreter. Yet, the parents who lack the language skills are usually too shy to ask for translations, or, at other times, they don’t want to disturb medical professionals.

On the part of doctors, they say in the interviews that it’s highly important for the wellbeing of newborns that healthcare professionals and parents should engage in daily dialogue about the children’s care.

Even though doctors frequently use a variety of methods to communicate with parents, including visual aids, yet they usually feel that there’s still a lot of miscommunication between the two parties, which may cause anxiety for parents and put the newborns at awful risk.

Moreover, doctors say that in addition to the challenge of miscommunication, parents in many countries usually need coaching in taking care of their kids, especially if they come from a different culture in which parents do not normally assume responsibility for newborns’ care.  

Can Healthcare Translation Services Help?

Generally, when we look at how our world works, we’ll find no way to bridge the language gap between any two parties ─ parents and doctors included ─ except one way. Translation.

Let’s take the example of a country that’s always described as the “melting pot” of people – the United States of America. Yes, we admit that English is the prima donna among the languages spoken there; yet more than 350 languages are spoken in American homes according to the nation’s 2015 census!

So, do we still concede that everyone deserves good healthcare? If yes, so professional healthcare translation is not only important but is vital and fundamental, if people’s lives are valued.

At hospital wards, everyone needs to avoid mistakes at all costs, as effective communication will save human lives. Significantly, communication at hospitals and medical institutions lies predominantly in healthcare translation services, especially interpreting services.

Still, we need to further ask: who should provide these services?

Why Future Trans?

Given that the risky doctor-parent communication gap can only be bridged by choosing a professional translation and interpretation services partner who will have the resources that help parents and medical professionals across the language barrier, the question still remains:  why is one healthcare language services provider different from others, and will do the job more professionally and effectively? 

At Future Trans, our consecutive and simultaneous interpreters professionally use their linguistic and interpersonal skills to make communication easier between any two languages, and in real-time. They do it anywhere ─ at a neonatal intensive care unit, a town hall, an interview, or even over the phone. Okay, but who is Future Trans, and does this company provide interpreting services only?

An ISO 17100 certified language services provider, Future Trans has built its success, over the past quarter-century, on 3 pillars: an expert team, who has a long experience in healthcare language services, state-of-the-art technology and a firm commitment to quality.

We provide a broad range of services, including Translation, Localization, Desktop Publishing, Voice-over, Transcription, Transcreation, Dubbing, MTPE, Search Engine Marketing, SEO Content Creation, and many other language services.

Contact us today to get a free quote. 


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