6 Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Website Localization

6 Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Website Localization

When you adapt your existing website to a local language or culture in your target market, you are effectively localizing it. With the advancement in Internet connectivity and the rise in web usage, website localization has become the norm. Just like with other web-basedinventions’, questions about their significance often arise. Why would you localize your website? The following are 6 top reasons why you should localize your website:-

Because Statistics Say So

It would take 83 languages to reach 80 percent of all the people in the globe. 70 percent of people use the Internet in a language other than English. Statistics such as these show just how diversified the global and Internet population is in terms of language. For you to have a decent audience, therefore, you need to communicate to a number of people speaking different languages. Website localization is one sure way of ensuring different language speakers can use your website.

Expand Your Business/Brand Globally

The world is truly one global village. You can now manufacture your niche product and deliver it to customers all over the world with amazing ease. This is no longer a prerogative for huge multinationals such as Coca-Cola. These multinationals however have grasped one important thing: the need for localization. When you expand your business or brand to different countries, you have no choice but to localize your website.

Build A Solid Relationship With Your Clients/Customers

There are certain things that are better said and felt in one’s native language. For your message to be clearly understood and for it to resonate with the hearts of your customers who speak different languages, it needs to be localized; basic translation is not enough. This is an effective way of building a solid relationship with them.

Effective Content Marketing

Content is king; so they say. Unfortunately, this is only true when the content can be understood by the target audience. The so-called ‘sticky’ websites are optimized for local audiences. A ‘sticky’ website is one which makes its viewers stay on it for just a little bit longer. Content is surely a very effective marketing tool for websites. Your content marketing strategy would however be a disaster if the content doesn’t resonate with your target audience.

Effective SEO Tactics

SEO tactics are designed to increase your website’s ranking in search engines. Website localization can help you in increasing the effectiveness of your SEO tactics for example the use of keywords. By localizing your website, you, therefore, stand to increase its ranking in the geographical region of your target audience.

Internet Best Practices

If you can’t beat them, join them; so they say. Chances are your competitors have already localized their websites for their global audience. You should not be left behind. You should therefore seek to localize your website simply to conform to Internet best practices.

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