Why Did I Decide To Take The DM Nanodegree?

Once I was checking my phone usage report I have found that 90% of my time on the phone goes over Social Media platforms, while living in the real world I actually live in this digital world, I found Heros, inspiring stories, rise and falls of stars in this world.

I have noticed a spark shining when I saw the same pains shared by my networks, those who share the same age group and stand in the same Socio-Economic circle, I felt that it is time to do something about it, make value out of my spent time over the Social media, influence others. But how can I do this, In stressful work and family conditions amid the Covid pandemic, from where to start and where can I get the lead, how much money do I need to spend to educate myself and create my personal brand on the SM platforms, no time, no funds and millions of paths to take, just needed a spark and a starting point I took my question and went searching for guidance in the posts of Facebook influencers, How can I start this journey?

Through a friend in my network, I learned about the EGYPT FWD initiative and opened their FB paid post and found answers to all my queries, accreditated knowledge from a trusted body, a practical model to apply what we learn, and even steps to convert this degree into an attractive source of income while you build and polish your new personal brand and equip yourself with the needed skillset accredited by Udacity.

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