Why Can’t Developers Go without Software Localization Services?

Why Can’t Developers Go without Software Localization Services?

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It’s big, it’s important and it’s growing!
The global business software and services market size was valued at about $323 billion in 2018 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 10.7% from 2019 to 2025, according to the Grand View Research, the renowned San Francisco-based market research and consulting company.

So what? Why is almost everyone across the broad variety of global software development landscape seeking to build their own software and localize it to their target audiences in their languages? Is it just a craze, a trend, or it might be the logical introduction to doing business in the global software development market?

Why Is Software Localization Awesomely Essential?

For software developers and publishers, the question today is not whether to localize or not localize their software products, but the real issue lies definitely in how to choose the right software localization services partner who will shoulder the responsibility for adapting or translating your software to the required locale’s language, culture, and legal requirements.
In other words, who will embark on modifying your product’s vital user-visible components, such as the images, user interface, documentation, and others?

So, with the question of “localize or not localize” becoming part of the past, it is important for us to look at what software developers and software users would gain with software localization. There are actually many benefits that include:

1- Greater global market share

Localizing your software will certainly make your product available to a wider audience, expanding your potential buyers who will find the product on hand in their native language. Consequently, more localized versions of your software product will definitely lead to more sales to more users across the globe.

2- Reduced customer service costs
With the proper software localization services,  users will have a better understanding of your product ─ due to better software readability ─ which will greatly improve their “customer experience”, and reduce the number of would-be queries about the product, ease your service desk’s amount of work, and, consequently, reduce your business’ customer support costs.

3- Outsmarting your competition
With proper software localization, you’ll definitely take your product into new foreign markets, to new audiences in new foreign markets, which ensures that against a background of cut-throat competition, you’ll never be lagging behind!

Given all those benefits, we still might ask a few questions, such as: why are software localization services important for some specific industries? And also: what about the impact of software localization on such industries as marketing, e-commerce, e-learning, and others.

Software Localization and Marketing

Localizing marketing software is very important if you wish to take your marketing software to new business clients in foreign markets, as these products are very important tools that help your corporate clients across the globe to successfully conduct their market campaigns.

If localized correctly, your marketing software products will help your business clients to streamline their marketing activities, better manage their customer relations, and also eliminate the risk of human error in monitoring or analyzing lead conversions and marketing campaigns.

Software Localization and E-commerce

Likewise, localizing your e-commerce software will help your clients in the global e-commerce industry to manage the customer’s order from product selection to payment, to checkout and delivery.

The properly localized e-commerce software will also help online merchants to manage their products and inventory, automate shipping and taxation, as well as greatly enhance the customer experience they are delivering.  Across different markets, your localized product will offer all the things required for your clients to efficiently run their retail sites.

Software Localization and E-learning

In the same way, when you correctly localize your e-learning software, it will remarkably boost the business of your clients in the e-learning industry. Localized software will help e-learning providers and educational institutions to change the way they are teaching students, to encourage collaborative learning, and to provide students with easier access to information.  

Why Future Trans?

When all is said and done, we may once again shed light upon how important it is for software developers, big names and start-ups alike, to choose the right software localization vendor ─ or how about calling them “software localization services partners”?!

At Future Trans, we’ve earned a worldwide reputation for having an expert team of IT and development professionals who will provide you with a simple, powerful software localization solution which ensures that the technical aspects of your software product operate as they did in the source to provide a fully integrated user experience. With this, we guarantee that your software will be suited to international markets and thus boost your worldwide sales.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to let us know your requirements and give us the opportunity to transform your software localization needs into an easy task with Future Trans!

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