Why Business Are in Need of Survey Translation Services?


Imagine that you own a business and you are interested to get more insights about your customers’ preferences and interests, or you would like to understand how your employees are fitting into your business and what they are expecting from working in your company.

That’s why online surveys are one of the best solutions to better understand your customers and employees. And if you have an international business, you will need to translate your survey to get the exact answers.

Why do businesses require survey translation services? 

The process of creating, translating and managing your surveys are becoming more and more complicated if you are conducting multilingual surveys with multiple target markets. In this case, you will need to partner with a professional translation company to manage all the survey translation process. This will help you to get complete feedback from your customers and employees and understand your customers’ demographics.

What Types of Survey Translation Services do you need? 

There are multiple surveys that a business might need, based upon their objectives, such as:

  • Consumer research surveys

They are used for many reasons but mainly to;

  • Identify your market share and size.
  • Define your market segments.
  • Test new products.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

Companies are using these surveys to improve their products, meet their customers’ expectations, and make sure they are happy and satisfied.

  • Customer loyalty surveys

You will ask yourself a couple of questions: are my customers are happy? Will they purchase my products again? This is to measure how your customers will get back to you again.

  • Employee surveys

Companies are using employee surveys to get feedback about the work environment, what can motivate them, the communication channels and many more

  • Education surveys

There are many types of education surveys like course evaluation surveys, university exit surveys, and teacher evaluation surveys.

  • Medical surveys

If you running medical research, you will be in need of conducting medical surveys to get a better understanding of the cause/diseases you are working on it.

  • Government surveys

This type of survey helps governmental institutions to take important decisions faster like budget consultations, social services surveys, and neighborhood watch surveys.

Survey Translation Process

According to the Cross Culture Survey Guidelines, the survey translation process is as follows;

And there are general guidelines for survey translation process that translators should follow, 

  • Maintain the question’s format within the bounds of the target language.
  • Translators should understand the demographic characteristics of the target audience and where the survey will be administered.
  • Translators should check the original survey before translation to understand the terms and concepts that they can’t understand and get a clarification of these terms.
  • The translation should be reviewed by two bilingual reviewers.
  • Back-translation can be implemented also to ensure better results.

We now know how important it is to get your market research results accurate and right; that’s why you should partner with a professional survey translation services provider.

We – at Future Trans – offer a wide range of services customized to the requirements of qualitative and quantitative market research. Our team comprises the best in-country linguists in every specialization, in line with being an ISO 17100 certified company that consistently follows the highest quality standards and processes in the world to provide the best results to our clients. We don’t offer just translation, as our process consists of the 3 stages of translating, editing, and proofreading. 

proudly, we have wide experience in B2B, consumer, employee, events, and e-learning surveys and we can handle your survey translation services in more than 120 languages.

Get in touch now with one of our friendly sales representatives to see how we can help you.

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