Watch Us Rise!

Watch Us Rise! 7 (2)

Finally, it has been the time to celebrate our success to finish the first year in a 7-year educational mega project for one of the most prominent international publishing houses. It was a very long year, full of challenges which we succeeded to overcome. Since day 1, we realized that we would have to battle many challenges. Originally, great efforts were exerted from our account manager to win this project showing FT’s capabilities to fulfill client’s requirements. Along with those efforts, there was the work of 70 in-house members, either from Translation or DTP team whose determination, commitment, dedication and persistence paved the way to this success.

Faced with many challenges throughout that long journey, we managed to provide top notch quality in a very tight timeline, thanks to that high level of harmony, synergy, collaboration and orchestration among all team members. Our due diligence, extra care and high technical skills as well as our smart and quick solutions enabled us to be the most preferable vendor for the client.

A whole year that added up to our knowledge and experience. With a learning curve going upwards, we have been able to improve our processes, speed our production, and enhance our quality. It was by all means an enjoyable ride in a challenging roller coaster. Nevertheless, the way is still long with more opportunities for improvement.

Mr. Ahmed El Sayed, our “Arabic Translation Manager” was recognizing my efforts on this project 🙂

Mr.Mohamed Karim our Business Development Manager rewarding Mr.Mohamed Abd Allah ” Senior DTP Member”

Mr.Mohamed Karim memorizing challenges we faced on this project as well as lessons we learnt.

Full of ups and down…full of cries and laughs…full of thrill and joy…full of victories and successes, this project is an epic that is still going along the path with more challenges and battles.

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