Understanding MemoQ!

Understanding MemoQ!

When you choose professional translation, you want to be sure you’re getting the very best. At Future-Trans, we use the prestigious MemoQ software to help us deliver faster, more effective translations to our client, as the most trusted program of its type on the market. But what is MemoQ, and how does it work?

Read on to discover a few things!

What is MemoQ?

Put simply, MemoQ is translation software, sometimes referred to instead as a translation environment tool. First released in 2006, the product has grown dramatically in popularity during the last twelve years and is currently the second most popular tool amongst professional translators.

The latest edition of MemoQ includes vital configurations for translators, including file statistics, for organizing word counts and keeping track of work, a file translation grid for arranging all work in an easy-to-understand format, and tools for storing and managing vital terminology and databases to enable multi-lingual translation tasks simultaneously for speedier and more accurate translations.

Working with a translator who uses MemoQ helps ensure they work to the highest quality standards and provide your translations in a user-friendly format which uses minimal jargon.

Who is MemoQ for?

MemoQ is used by professionals working in the field of translation. It works for a broad range of translation tasks – and is therefore suited to everyone from an individual translator, to small or large-scale translation teams and full-service translation teams. MemoQ is the finest translation tool on the market, capable of handling big data without ever slowing down the translation process.

Key Features of MemoQ

At Future Trans, we focus on providing a wide range of translation services for our clients, with a particular specialty in Middle Eastern and African languages. Our expertise is demonstrated not only by our professionalism and enviable reputation for excellence, but through the tools we use to help us carry out our work. We choose MemoQ as our translation software of choice as it provides the dependable and effective solution we need to ensure we never let our clients down.

It’s easy to see why top translators turn to MemoQ, The software is able to support a wide variety of file formats, streamlining the translation process for company and client. Similarly, the program comes with real-time automatic checking of any recurring errors and terminology or formatting, ensuring only the most accurate translation is delivered.

MemoQ also features superb customer support, ensuring your translation team are always completely on top of each translation project, and giving you vital piece of mind.

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