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Discover the cultural wealth of Egypt through Future Trans’ specialized Egyptian language translation services. Our certified translation offices in Cairo offer precise and culturally sensitive translations, breaking down language barriers and unlocking various opportunities globally.

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Translation services in Egypt
Translate into Middle Eastern and African languages.

Look no farther than us for translation services based in Egypt for all your translation needs!

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Egypt, renowned as a favored destination for the adventurous, history enthusiasts, and knowledge seekers, also stands as an ideal locale for those in need of translation services. Whether you’re looking to communicate with an academic at the Museum of Cairo or seeking to expand your business’s global market presence through advertising, our translation company in Egypt is here to assist.

Our translation services, rooted in Egypt, have garnered a loyal customer base over two decades, thanks to Future Trans’s unique approach to language translation. Accurately translating content to and from Egyptian Arabic demands years of experience, and our team comprises native-speaking translators possessing precisely that knowledge.

Our Linguistic experts will guide you to the mot accurate solution to your needs and plans.

The Cultural Nuances of Arabic Translation in Egypt: Beyond Words

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When engaging in Arabic translation in Egypt, the process extends beyond the mere conversion of words from one language to another. It necessitates a profound understanding of the cultural intricacies embedded in the Arabic language. From idiomatic expressions to proverbs and traditional customs, the cultural tapestry of Arabic is intricately woven into its linguistic framework. Achieving accurate Arabic translation not only requires linguistic expertise but also a deep awareness of the cultural subtleties that shape the meaning and significance of the words. 

A reputable translation agency in Egypt, specializing in Arabic, possesses skilled translators capable of capturing the essence of these cultural nuances. This ensures that the translated content precisely mirrors the intended cultural context and resonates effectively with Arabic-speaking audiences. By transcending the surface level of words, the services of a translation agency in Egypt act as a bridge that connects cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation of the rich heritage and diversity within the Arabic-speaking community in Egypt.

Subject Matter Expertise

What About Industry Specific Translations?

Need a heavy industry-specific text translated? No problem! We have collected a variety of translators with experience in several industries. 

These are just some of the areas that we specialize in, and you can always contact us with queries about any others or our translation services in Egypt.

Industry Expertise

The talented Future Trans team is ready to provide a stand-out customer service to brands and businesses looking to expand into Africa and the Middle East in the following areas:




Life science




Mobile Apps





We offer a complete package of Arabic translation and localization services to meet your needs.

What Exactly is This Unique Approach?

At our Translation Services Company, we prioritize staying abreast of the latest technology, techniques, and software to ensure that our Service remains at the forefront of the industry. Additionally, we have developed an efficient in-house management system that optimizes our workflow, making us highly effective in delivering exceptional results. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to two crucial objectives in our Translations: context and localization.

Future Trans, a leading translation company in Egypt, is proud of the proficiency and skills demonstrated by our team of professional translators. We excel in accurately translating content while maintaining its original context. Despite the apparent simplicity, each language encompasses various subtle nuances. Capturing these nuances from an English text and conveying them into Egyptian Arabic demands exceptional proficiency. With our team’s expertise, we guarantee that our translated content, as a prominent translation company in Egypt, preserves the same meaning, tone, and messages as the original text.

In addition, we go the extra mile to ensure effective Localization of your content. Throughout the translation process, we carefully tailor the new text to suit the specific region where it will be published. This step guarantees that your content resonates effectively with the target audience.

Our Egyptian Translation services include:

We take pride in our specialized teams of Arabic translators, who have various competences in a variety of fields, covering a broad range of industries, file formats and globally popular language pairs.

Fully aware of the distinctiveness of translating a document into Arabic ─ where source & translated texts may differ in length and may be read in different directions ─ our designers are dedicated to delivering a complete DTP solution to attract your Arab clientele.

Whether you’re looking to build your audience or accelerate business growth through organic search, our SEO services will drive the engagement you need and ensure your company is maximizing its organic potential across all Arabic markets.

Our SEM services stand out because they ensure that your PPC campaign’s keywords & ad copies, will match your Arabic market ─ thus helping you grow your brand & boost your revenue from Arabic language users in the middle east and around the globe.

Our voice-over experts are versed in delivering top-quality voiceover service that make your multimedia suit your target audiences all over the Arab world.

With our MTPE, our human experts will review the machine-translated text to highlight where changes need to be made so that the copy flows correctly in the Arabic target language. 

Our transcription experts will convert your audio or video files into clear text that conveys your messages to your Arabic-speaking specific target audiences in MENA.

Our software localization transforms your software with the Arabic-speaking target audiences in mind, thus making it available in the language of your customers.

We can handle your website localization, not only translating the text but such areas as currency, images, layout, and functionality too, helping you gain ground across multiple Arab markets.

We professionally localize your mobile content into Arabic to ensure that it is matching your target market in the Arab world spanning across Middle East and Northern Africa.

Our dubbing accurately portrays your message, capturing the original essence of actors & video, while remaining faithful & accurate to the original context & translating cultural terms or phrases to convey the same meaning to your Arab audiences.

Why Should Localization Matter to Me?

Our professional translation company in Egypt, operating as a leading translation agency and translation office in Cairo, specializes in localization to guarantee that your translated content effectively resonates with the intended audience. This strategic approach not only enhances the marketability of products or businesses but also elevates the readability of professional communications and documents. By availing yourself of our translation services in Cairo, whether you are based in the US and entering the e-commerce sphere or pursuing international business growth, you can be assured of assistance that prevents unintended miscommunications or mishaps.


The Trust of Our Clients Is Our Asset

Therefore, thanks to our long experience in the Middle East and North Africa, we’ve justifiably grown to be the leading vendor of Arabic translation services across the region, and we currently pride ourselves on gaining the trust of global top-notch clients, including Facebook, Google, Apple, Uber, Amazon, Coursera, and many others.


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