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As we head further into 2022, we continue to see the changing landscape of the life sciences industry. Digital transformation and the increasing use of AI and technology continue to impact the industry in all areas. A survey conducted by Deloitte found that more than 80% of companies are continuing to digitalize operations.

Digital transformation and AI certainly make everything more accessible and easy to manage. But how can you grow your life science business to become more accessible to a global market?

Keep reading to find out why translation and localization are important trends in the life sciences industry and how they can benefit your business.

Why Is Translation a Significant Trend for Life Sciences in 2022?

Translation in the life sciences industry refers to translating different types of scientific and clinical documentation or medical tools. Localization and translation in the life sciences industry are hugely important — no matter what you’re translating.

Translation for life sciences is highly complex due to the high risks involved. Even a minor error in the translation could lead to dangerous or life-threatening results. Of course, this could also be seriously detrimental to your business.

This is why you need experts to translate and localize life science information. Using AI translation tools alone will not provide the necessary quality control that a professional team of translators can. An expert team will ensure the output is accurate and safe to serve to the public.

How Expert Life Science Translation and Localization Can Contribute to Your Business

1) Ensures Compliance with Regulations

If your life science company conducts research or markets overseas, you’ll need to comply with that country’s regulations. A professional translation service can help navigate the target market regulations. This will ensure you can meet deadlines, avoid any hiccups, remain compliant, and maintain high safety standards.

2) Tougher Data Security

A professional translation agency can also ensure tougher data security. As time goes on, we can only prepare for data protection and privacy laws to become stricter. Data privacy laws vary from country to country, so you can benefit from the expertise of professional translators to make sure the target country’s laws are adhered to. Plus, expert translators will have the appropriate processes and technology available to ensure data remains protected throughout the project.

3) Benefit from the Expertise of Professional Life Science Translators

Life science translation is extremely technical and complex, so you need to ensure that the output is accurate. It’s vital that the different markets you operate in will have access to the same information so that there are no inconsistencies between the documents you distribute in different countries.

This is why you need professional, expert, and qualified translators to ensure this. Life science translation must go through rigorous testing and quality control before being put out to the public, as any mistakes could have dangerous consequences that could damage your reputation.

If you need assistance with your life science translation, you’ve come to the right place. At Future Trans, we are veterans in life science translation with 25 years of experience. Our linguists are qualified professionals that ensure the highest quality of work that you can expand to new global markets. Future Trans complies with the highest ISO 17100 Certified Language Service quality code to guarantee accurate translation of scientific and clinical documents.

We offer translation and localization services in the following life sciences:

  • Animal Health
  • Biotechnology
  • Clinical Research
  • Environmental Health
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical

Could our life science translation services benefit your business? Get in touch with us for more information.

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