Top digital marketing strategies for healthcare

digital marketing strategies for healthcare

Digital marketing is an integral part of any strategy, whether business is done online or not. Healthcare is no exception. Today, we are looking at how businesses can boost their healthcare digital marketing.

Why is digital marketing important in healthcare?

When digital marketing first started to make an appearance, it was an addition to offline strategies. Today, customers expect to see an online presence. Whether a B2C customer is googling symptoms or a B2B customer is looking for details about a new medical device, they want information quickly and easily.

Good digital marketing can help businesses guide customers to their products and services online with relevant and engaging information. It also shapes the way your company presents itself through tone of voice, brand identity, and messaging, which is vital. This is what your customers see when deciding whether to do business with you.

What’s more, digital marketing, when done correctly, offers insight into your business. You can see exactly how your efforts are improving business and use metrics to design clear strategies for the future.

A note about MedTech

It is estimated that two-thirds of MedTech companies expect online channels to account for more than 20% of their revenue by 2025. And, as Mckinsey explains, customers are choosing omnichannel experiences with self-serve options.

Clearly, customers want digital interactions. As competition heightens, it’s important to build the right healthcare digital marketing strategies to stay ahead and engage your customers, partners, and investors.

Top healthcare digital marketing strategies

  1. Use the right metrics

Monitoring the progress of your strategy is vital. That way, you know whether your investments are paying off and how to adapt your strategy moving forward. However, one common pitfall is monitoring vanity metrics alone.

Vanity metrics are those that appear to be useful but don’t give us actionable insights. For example, while a high follower count on social media looks good, if nobody is engaging with your services as a result, then the number is not helpful.

Actionable metrics can be used to create goals and strategies for the business. For example, customer acquisition cost tells you how much you spend on each customer. If you know how much revenue they bring, you can judge how effective your healthcare digital marketing campaign is.

  1. Design with the customer in mind

It is not enough to simply create a website and hope that people find it and engage with your services. 68% of website traffic starts with a search engine, so creating a strong SEO presence is key.

The website should also be responsive, so the viewer can engage with your content no matter their device. If there are appointment or discovery call booking options, they need to be easy to use and find, too.

  1. Think about languages

If you operate in more than one region, consider localizing your marketing content. Sometimes, translation isn’t enough. This is because certain features will make a different impact abroad; jokes may not work, images may have different meanings, and cultural references may be lost. In order to make the same impact on the new audience, these factors, and more, need to be accounted for.

Localization is the process of adapting content to suit customers, partners, and more both linguistically and culturally. It is best done in partnership with a local expert who understands the culture and language of the area as well as marketing and healthcare.

At Future Trans, our experts offer the highest quality healthcare digital marketing translation and localization. We understand marketing, languages, culture, and healthcare, providing a wide range of options for our customers.

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