Top Content Marketing Strategies to Boost your Game

Game Localization Content Strategy

The gaming world continues to boom on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s one of the few industries that saw huge amounts of growth, welcoming millions of new gamers as people looked for new ways to pass their time.  

There are around 3.1 billion gamers worldwide, and this figure is expected to grow in 2022. So there is no limit to the success your video game could have.

But, with only 10% of games capturing 90% of gamers, it’s more difficult than ever for your game to break through the saturated market.

However, there are several strategies you can employ for your next big video game launch. Keep reading to find out the top game content strategies.

Top 5 Content Strategies to Reach a Wider Audience:

1.   Social Media

Social media is a great tool to reach a wider pool of potential customers. Knowing your audience is key to social media marketing. Being too broad with your social media marketing can be a big waste of resources. For this reason, it’s essential to define your target audience and understand them.

Once you know this, you can create attention-grabbing and engaging content on social media to promote your game. Live streaming your new game on platforms like YouTube or Twitch are great ways to interact with your audience. You can also boost your social media accounts within the game to boost your customer engagement.

2.   Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most profitable types of marketing you can use. On average, businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 they spend through influencer marketing.

To reach the widest range of potential customers, you should invest in the most active influencers on your target audience’s favorite platforms. Influencers can hype up your game and talk about their favorite parts.

Another effective strategy is using giveaways promoted by influencers to generate customer engagement and promote your video game.

3.   Investing In Your Website

Customers trust businesses with a strong online presence where they can easily find the information they need. Having an easy-to-use interface keeps people on your site longer too. Plus, it helps to build your credibility.

You should include an informative ‘about’ page to help your customers understand who you are and tell your story. You should also aim to have excellent customer service through your website. Help should be available to your customers whenever they need it to get the help they need as soon as possible. It might not seem as relevant as other strategies, but people are more likely to remain loyal to businesses they’ve had pleasant experiences with.

4.   Blogging

Blogging is one of the most inexpensive ways to market your new video game. Blogging will improve your search engine ranking, increase traffic to your site and engage with your target audience.

To have a successful blog, you need to understand what your audience wants to know and address their queries before they even have them. Anticipating what your customers want to know is key.

5.   Game Localization

Video game localization is the ultimate strategy to increase your audience reach. Video game localization is more than translating. Localization means adapting your video game to suit audiences’ visual and cultural differences in different regions.

Localizing your game yourself is impossible, as you need expert linguistic, cultural, and design input. So having a professional agency to help you is essential. A localization agency will adapt the design, layout, character names, video game settings, and so much more to suit the target audience.

If you need help with your game localization, you’ve come to the right place. Future Trans is a professional translation and localization company with years of expertise in video game localization.

At Future Trans, we’ve been in the translation industry for over 25 years. Our experts understand game localization, copy, and SEO content creation better than anyone. We can help you localize your video game for countries across the Middle East and Africa. Get in touch with us and win the game of games!

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