Top 2023 Marketing Trends That Require Voiceover

Voiceover trends

In this article, we will refer to the process as “voiceover,” although the term is also recognized as:

  • Voice over
  • Voiceover
  • Voice-over
  • Voice acting

The art of voiceover (unseen narrator) actually existed before the first animated feature film in 1928, “Steamboat Willie,” starring Mickey Mouse. In fact, the first voiceover was recorded in 1900, as a weather report by Canadian inventor, Reginald Fessenden. Fascinated by the concept of wireless devices, he went on to record the first-ever radio broadcasts.

Since then, voiceover has been used for many purposes, the most prominent being animated films, radio, and video games. Of course, there is a spectrum of professionalism between methods of performing and delivering voiceover work, but due to the surge of projects created by entrepreneurs, influencers, and self-producers, one thing is evident… voiceover never been more in demand.

Read on to learn how 2023 will bring about new trends in Marketing using voiceover.

The Voiceover Actor

A voiceover actor is proficient in, first and foremost—acting.

A funny or attractive-sounding voice isn’t enough for the task, since the person doing the speaking cannot be seen and is unable to physically complement the audio. The voice does all the acting. It is a talent that requires years of training, and you guessed it. Acting skills.

Marketing Voiceover Trends to Look For in 2023

Marketing has embraced video in many ways over the last few years. With more sophisticated smartphone and tablet capabilities, it is easy to see why. Seeing and hearing the message can connect with an audience most effectively when there is passion about the subject matter, emphasis on benefit to the viewer, and a visual, as well as audial, aesthetic.

As with all types of marketing, the voiceover accompanying the brand or product should reflect the right tone and style for the target audience. Marketing voiceover trends in 2023 will be:

  1. Social Media Marketing – Influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses large and small are demonstrating products, introducing educational courses, promoting brands, generating sign-up leads for eCommerce (eBook, subscription, web series), and announcing new product offerings—mostly utilizing these platforms:
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Tik Tok

One thing to remember about this type of marketing is that different generational groups use different platforms. It is important to know the right tone for each target audience. Your voiceover should reflect the demographic audience.

  1. Video Blogs (vlogs) – In 2023, short-form video will be more popular, driving home the message quickly and effectively. This type of video marketing solidifies follower loyalty, establishes a personal connection, and equates a live personality with a brand. Video budgets increased in 2022, and 64% of marketers believe they will continue to increase next year.
  2. Interactive Videos and Virtual Reality (VR) – These technologies engage the audience with personalized messaging, creating a more focused and memorable connection to the brand and product.
  3. Audiobooks – With a large percentage of eBooks on bestseller lists, and 30-34% of all eBooks sold being self-published, there are a lot of authors who need voiceover to promote and record their published works.

How Do Translation Services Benefit the Voiceover Industry?

Scripts for audio, video, or live recordings (webinars, training videos, audiobooks, podcasts) all need to have voiceover, and for an international audience, those scripts must be translated into multiple languages, and a trained, fluent voiceover artist should be hired.

For instance:

  • A dubbed film requires the script to be translated into the native language, while still retaining the flow of the dialogue and emotional authenticity.
  • The voiceover artist reading from the new script needs to be able to realistically match the character’s mouth movement, and pause at emotionally appropriate times.

Only a professional company specializing in multilinguistic voiceover services can provide a confidently seamless experience.

Hire a Professional Voiceover Services Company

Always trust your project to a company with access to high-tech equipment and experienced voiceover professionals.

Future Trans is an international business with 24 years of experience in translation, localization, and voiceover services. With a team of voiceover talent skilled in performing a wide range of multilingual projects, your marketing scripts will be heard around the world.

Contact us and one of our representatives will get back with you right away.

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