The Trends in Digital Customer Engagement for 2022

Digital Customer Engagement

Have you noticed that the digital world seems to be going faster than ever these days? Especially since COVID-19, whereby brands across the globe have had to produce fast-paced content to make up for the lack of a physical presence.

There are now many opportunities to engage a community, and some new trends in digital marketing have emerged. In this article, we will be exploring these digital customer engagement trends and discovering how your business can make the most of them. Enjoy!

The Best 2022 Trends in Digital Customer Engagement


Customer Engagement Led by Analytics

Thanks to the advanced technological tools that have come to life in recent years, customer engagement is propelled by a new force: analytics. Marketing technology, also known as Martech, allows businesses to identify the key phases of a customer’s journey. Powerful insights and analytics help brands make the right decisions and curate campaigns that are far more consumer-focused.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, has the power of processing huge volumes of data, whether it be structured or unstructured. What’s wonderful is that this is combined with highly-intelligent machine learning in order to analyze the collected data, which will in turn allow you as a business to understand your customers’ behavior.

AI can also never stop learning and gathering information so that you can keep learning about your community’s needs, wants and dreams. You’ll find that when using AI, your customer journey will be considerably improved. This is also unlike the usual marketing software we are used to using, which has less of a capability to adapt to new information.

The Metaverse

The Metaverse may very well be the future of digital marketing. Although its concept may still feel somewhat vague and foreign to most, it is actually predicted to become a market worth over $800 billion by 2024. You can think of the metaverse as a kind of virtual environment that provides realistic digital interactions consisting of avatars, 3D spaces, and other state of the art technology that immerse the user in a virtual world.

If you’re looking for something to engage with your community, you might want to consider taking inspiration from the metaverse. Nike, for example, has created its own Nikeland world in the game Roblox, a virtual space of its own. Users can play games, go shopping, and meet people through the space. Why not do the same?

Digital Communities

Many brands around the world are tirelessly building digital communities, which seem to be doing wonders for their engagement rates. That’s because giving customers the ability to voice their opinions and share their expertise surrounding products and services can only entice new customers and enhance your reputation. A lot of low code or no code platforms have constructed huge communities who now run themselves, to the tune of high customer satisfaction, advocacy and knowledge.


What better way of directly connecting and communicating with your community than live-streaming? Live-streaming allows you to reach out to a large audience in real time, addressing potential concerns and squaring out issues as they arise. This often has the power of captivating your audience, as well as creating a consistent, engaging brand experience by breaking up geographical borders between you and your customers or prospects. You’ll be able to create lasting consumer relationships and a sense of intimacy with your viewers, especially if you prepare thoroughly.

Today’s digital marketing landscape provides even more opportunities to connect with your audience and create lasting relationships between your customers and your brand. There are now plenty of incredible ways of building hugely positive consumer experiences for your customers – whether it’s through the metaverse, live-streaming, AI, a tight-knit digital community, or powerful analytics, just take your pick!

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