T4J partners with Ecofin to provide multilingual information on African markets

T4J partners with Ecofin to provide multilingual information on African markets

24/11/2014 Egypt- Media Management, which provides flows of sectorial information to Ecofin, the information agency specialized in African markets, has signed an exclusive translation agreement with T4J, the international network of translators for journalists.

[Future Trans Ltd] has been awarded the contract for the translation into Arabic of Ecofin’s newswire on Agribusiness, TIC, Communication / Media, and Law

Through this partnership, the information published by Agency Ecofin is now available on the T4J platform in the various languages used by all the economic actors operating on the African continent, including Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.

Translated by T4J, each day’s articles can be purchased individually or through a monthly subscription to RSS feeds and integrated automatically into a website, all in real time.

Economic actors with operations on the African continent may also submit their news and press releases to T4J for multilingual translation and/or distribution via the same network of partners.

Using the professional linguists in its network to translate Agency Ecofin’s content, T4J provides economic actors worldwide with sectorial information of high commercial and strategic value, at a time when Africa is emerging as the main growth driver for the coming decades.

About Media Management:

Media Management Ltd. provides Agency Ecofin with economic and financial information on a daily basis concerning key

African industries segments: finance, insurance, stock markets, telecom, mining, energy, agribusiness, communication, etc.

Its teams of specialized journalists and experts produce each day 30 – 40 news reports which are picked up by the major news aggregators, including Google News, as well as by the African on-line press and the specialized international press.

About T4J:

T4J is a multilingual marketplace allowing media and journalists to buy new content at a low cost, and make their existing content more profitable. T4J is backed by a network of professional translators in 181 countries who monitor on-line media in their working language for articles of potential interest to foreign media.

About Future Trans Ltd:

Future Trans is an ISO9001:2008 certified language service provider, based in Egypt, with more than 17 years of successful experiences. We proudly provide clients, big and small, with the know-how and the professionalism that Middle Eastern and African languages translations demand. Our success is based on a highly qualified team of qualified translators and our deep understanding of business needs. Our team of 70 in-house native translators gives us the capabilities to provide your firm with expertise in Urdu, Farsi, Arabic, and Hebrew, as well as other African Languages. Our commitment to help businesses motivates us to remain up to date, with the latest technical and technological requirements. Future Trans is your professional translations ally in the Middle East & Africa. Learn more about how we can help you.

For more information, please contact:

Future Trans Ltd:
Mrs. Reham Gadkarim
Senior Marketing Executive
Email: reham.gad@future-trans.com
Website: www.future-trans.com
T4J: http://translatorsforjournalists.org/ar/press

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