Subtitling and Dubbing: What’s the Difference?


When it comes to audio-visual translation, there are two major players to choose from; subtitling and dubbing. Both can prove immensely useful in different situations and when seeking to reach and appeal to different audiences. Read on for our quick guide to both, and when best to utilize each method.

The Appeal of Subtitles

‘Subbing’ a video clip is in simple terms the process of adding text captions. These are used not only for those requiring a translation but also as a closed caption service for the hard of hearing. There is a great deal of scope for the use of subtitling service in materials of all kinds, and they are the favorited choice of translation for many groups as they do not interfere with the original recording which needs translating. Young people show a preference towards subtitling over dubbing for this reason, as they believe in retaining the nuance of the clip in need of a transcription, which is also a popular tactic for those who wish to gain a better understanding of the language spoken on screen. Subtitles can be a great aid to understanding, as they allow those watching the clip to follow along sentences in both their own language and the on-screen language.

The Growth of Dubbing

Dubbing also offers a distinct appeal to users, only in this instance the process of dubbing a video clip requires overlaying the original audio with a new sound. Fans of this process regard dubbing as superior given it requires less work from the viewer; instead of having to read subtitles, they can remain immersed in what’s happening on screen or look away without losing out. Dubbing synchronizes the new sound over the original and depending on the quality of the dub and talent of the voiceover artists, can limit interruption to understanding. Dubbing is particularly popular with younger audiences such as children, as it helps them gain more understanding in simpler steps than subtitles often require of the viewer.

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