Save money on professional translation

Save money on professional translation

If you think that outsourcing your website professional translation and localization projects is too expensive, think again.

Below are some tips for which a professional translation and localization partner can actually be a money-saving opportunity.

Save money on professional translation

A company that wants to translate English-language documents into Arabic can ask their bilingual employee for help. However, this could have some hidden costs, while a professional Arabic translator might charge about $200.

If you’re spending more than $100K annually on professional translation

Find one or two providers that can handle all your professional translation projects and then get them to offer you a volume discount. This could save up to $10,000 per year.

If your budget is more than $1 million spent yearly on professional translation

If you have a multi-million dollar annual professional translation budget, you can save money by centralizing services to a small group of reliable professional translation providers. You will save more money if you negotiate for better per-word costs.

Almost any internationally focused business can reduce its professional translation costs, improve efficiency and consistency in the short term and maximize savings on professional translation expenditures by working with professional language translation service providers.



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