People Behind Your Project! Touqa Yasser

Touqa Yasser

As a Project Manager, I consider myself one of the luckiest people who have had the chance to do what they Love and Love what they do!

I have always believed that Project Management is some kind of Art ~ I started learning about PM by self-studying then decided to take wider steps by attending advanced courses in the field and then my passion has driven me to design and deliver sessions in “Project Management as a Mindset” to different audience
I have joined Future-Trans on my same graduation year in 2016 as a Project Coordinator – It was my honor from day one to work in such highly supportive environment and As one of the Top and biggest Localization companies in the Middle East it gave me the opportunity to get exposed to many different cultures and international markets gaining so much experience and dealing with many professionals and also opened me doors to be accountable of one of the main Leading companies in the industry around the world.

I then got promoted as a Project Manager and with some quick steps I am currently Acting as a Team Lead and coaching our new calibers, Although this was against normal path in means of hierarchy but by the support of my Manager, He was able to unleash my potentials and helped me direct them in the right way – Let me say that I am honored to work for such a great Boss!

“I believe Striving to be of a Value not only success is the ultimate secret to Greatness.”

I always count working for Future-Trans as one of my greatest blessings and I would never wish for a better working place! ☺

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