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Hi 🙂

I am Noha Hussein, I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Political sciences, Cairo University, 2011.

I started my career in Future Trans (2012) in Project Management as Project Coordinator, though my main major is Economics, and I haven’t studied Project Management before, but I have read about it then became passionate about the field.

I still remember my first days at Future trans how everyone at the company welcomed me and was so friendly, I am lucky to be part of Future Trans, this amazing, helpful, and cooperative team, the ability to work with almost all other departments at the company, and with all that amount of clients and vendors from different cultures, it really made me eager to know more about other countries’ cultures, traditions, etc…

In 2014 I got promoted to Project Manager, it was also the same year I made my first trip abroad to Istanbul, and it was really an amazing experience that really affected my personality in a very good way, ever since I have travelled a lot, and traveling became one of my favorite habits.

In 2016, I got promoted to Senior Project Manager, I then decided to widen my academic knowledge about Project Management, and so I studied the diploma then got my PMP certificate in 2017, now acting as a team lead and coaching 2 project coordinators.

I’m currently working with Asian and European clients (handling 12 accounts including 3 big clients).

To me; Future Trans is more than a company, it’s a journey that taught me a lot and still is 🙂

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