Over The Phone Interpretation Services: The Instant Solution to Communication Problems

Over The Phone Interpretation Services

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The more the world becomes connected and boundaries begin to fade away, the more people speaking different languages meet and communicate with each other. Language barriers have been always slowing down the flow of any verbal conversation across a wide range of formal and friendly levels. With nobody around to explain, the dialogue mostly goes nowhere!

The need for urgent and efficient interpretation is sometimes by getting the help of a friend who has a good command of both languages, is not a solution!. This, in fact, might work out in friendly or informal communications, yet relying on such an amateur interpreter in serious cases does more harm than good.

Emergencies like medical situations, a serious business meeting, or a formal political situation require a specialized and unbiased linguist with full proficiency in both spoken languages and extensive knowledge of the subject matter. 

A new problem, however, pops up; the availability of on-site interpreters in all languages is technically impossible, not to mention the high cost of hiring a dedicated interpreter for every single conversation. A radical and effective solution is over-the-phone interpretation services (OPI) through which a professional interpreter gets along the line and does his/her job remotely via phone.

The easy accessibility of phone interpretation services qualified them to grow rapidly in the past few years, making a favorable choice for many organizations all around the world, including hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, and event planning entities.

Reliable language service providers are now offering on-demand industry-specific phone interpretation services, guaranteeing consistency and high quality.

Applications of Over-The-Phone Interpretation Services

Nowadays, over the phone interpretation services are commonly used within various sectors due to their capability of saving time and efforts, while bridging the communication gaps and enhancing the overall productivity. Here are some industries where phone interpreter services are beneficial:

  • Tourism and hospitality

To provide a better guest experience for foreign visitors at tourist attractions and hotels, the telephone interpreter service is a quick and cost-efficient solution.

  • Healthcare

Whether in hospitals, private clinics, or even pharmacies, a conversation on symptoms or drug prescriptions between medical practitioners and patients who do not share a common language is definitely in need of over the phone interpretation.

  • Business

Business meetings and financial deals with foreign stakeholders can not be comprehensively successful without adequate over the phone interpretation services.

  • Legal situations

An over-the-phone interpreter is needed in many legal cases and in courts for stuff like foreign eyewitness testimonies and examinations under oath (EUO).

  • Immigration assistance

Providing help to immigrants would be much more effective when coupled with over the phone interpretation services.

  • Educational institutions

Over the phone interpretation services can help out in communicating as an intermediate between the educational systems and rules with foreign students in their own languages.

Generally speaking, technology-driven interpretation solutions are seen to end up replacing on-site interpretation as they level up to provide the same kind of quality and efficiency. The challenge then becomes how to pick the best language service provider given the clutter of the market.

If you are looking for a certified and reliable translation company that provides competent and cost-efficient 24/7 phone interpretation services, it seems like you have hit on it!
Registering over 24 years of practical experience in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) market, Future Trans is ready to tailor the ultimate over the phone interpretation services for you. Backed by our ISO 17100 certification, we promote a suite of advanced technologies and a team of veteran interpreters at your reach. We have worked with global giants and we are looking forward to working with you.

Partner with us now and let us make your communication easier.


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