Ministry of Education (E-Learning) – Localizing Science and Math Curriculums Case Study

Education Localization

Project Overview:

The Ministry of Education in a Gulf Country sought to adapt and localize the Science and Math Curriculums for Middle and High School students in Grades 6 through 12. The project involved various interconnected tasks, including translation from English to Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), extracting text from the E-learning Authoring Tool (Author-IT), re-uploading the translated text, and providing student-friendly voice-overs. 

The scope encompassed 1.5 million words and thousands of slides with dynamic text, animations, and Q&As requiring formatting and engineering.


The project presented several challenges, starting with a tight budget imposed by the Ministry’s strong bargaining power. Additionally, a strict deadline of 2 months was set for project completion. Furthermore, technical difficulties arose due to the Authoring Tool’s inability to support Arabic text without truncation.


To overcome these challenges, our team collaborated with the Engineering department to explore various methods and workarounds for extracting text from the Authoring Tool and securely returning it in the correct format and direction. We leveraged Transessor TMS to maximize cost savings by identifying repetitions and fuzzy matches. 

By negotiating discounted rates with our talented team of translators, we successfully accommodated the client’s tight budget. Our Project Managers devised a comprehensive plan, prioritizing the translation of voice-over parts to allow for simultaneous recording while the rest of the courses were being translated and formatted. 

The Transessor TMS ensured translation consistency by utilizing shared glossaries and term bases that were automatically updated in real-time. Organizing files by subjects and grades facilitated faster progress and smoother transitions between phases. 

As a result, we exceeded expectations, delivering fully localized content to the customer within the specified timeframe, without disrupting the school year. The project achieved a harmonious balance of quality, cost, and time objectives.

Experience Seamless Localization with Future Trans Education Translation Services

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Our team of experienced translators excels in translating content from English into multiple languages, ensuring clarity and maintaining the educational integrity of the materials. Leveraging advanced technologies and Transessor TMS, we optimize efficiency, guaranteeing timely project delivery while adhering to strict budgets. From extracting text from authoring tools to formatting and engineering complex e-learning content, we tackle every aspect of the localization process. 

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