Medical Translation Services

Medical translations based on expertise will truly make a difference

The first tenet of an accurate medical translation is simple: If you don’t understand you cannot translate it! The fact is that medical translations require specific knowledge, deep understanding of technical language, and experience in creating communications for a medical savvy audience.

At Future Trans we have developed a team of medical translation professionals that gather these and other essential skills. Our team’s promise is to professionally handle your medical translation needs, so you can reach the right audience, meet your requirements with flying colors, and avoid wasting time or money.
Medical translation requirements are not all the same. Knowing about a specific medical topic does not mean being an expert in every topic. Future Tran’s is, therefore, proud to offer a wide range of medical translation services.

Our experience allows us to offer you confident and expert services that will meet your particular requirements.

Our medical translation solutions will help you deal with a wide range of needs:

Medical reports

  • Research papers
  • Patents
  • Product Documentation
  • Publicity
  • Marketing material
  • Case reports
  • Clinical trials
  • Studies
  • Contracts
  • Training materials
  • Scientific articles
  • Brochures
  • Dossiers
  • Audiovisual materials

Among some of our sample offers of medical translation services.

partial view of group of medical workers with equipment in laboratory
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