5 Ways To Maximize The Benefits From Your Translation Projects

5-Ways-To-Maximize-The Benefits From Your Translation-Projects

Table of Contents


  1. Decide Whether You Need To Have It Translated
  2. Scrutinize Potential Translators Before Committing To One
  3. Settle For A Translator Who Has Specialized In Your Industry
  4. Interact Closely With Translators
  5. Ask For Proofreading Services

Translation projects can go sour. Pressing issues such as time deadlines, tight budgets and sky high expectations often come in the way of successfully delivering a translation project. In such cases, clients end up not getting the most out of their projects. This does not have to be the case. The following are 5 ways of maximizing the benefits from your translation projects:-

Step 1: Decide Whether You Need To Have It Translated

At the very outset of the project, decide whether or not you actually need the translation assignment. It is often the case that only a certain portion of the translation project is actually relevant in the long run. Rather than being quick to blindly ask for translation of your work, take time to plan ahead, define the target audience and define the purpose of the text. This way, you will only engage translation service providers for what you really need. It will also help them accomplish your translation objectives soonest possible.

Step 2: Scrutinize Potential Translators Before Committing To One

Finding the right translation service provider is not as simple as it sounds. One has to find a translation service provider who is not only qualified but also one with a proven record of consistently delivering translation projects. As such, there is a selection criteria that is referred to by a number of people. This criteria includes things like proven experience, references, industry knowledge, responsiveness and professionalism just to mention a few. This criteria is suitable especially if you are looking for translation service providers that are companies rather than those that are individuals.

Step 3: Settle For A Translator Who Has Specialized In Your Industry

The nature of translation projects is broad. A single translator cannot claim to be a master of all translation projects. Chances are that you’re project is of such a specialized technical nature with very few experts and full of complexities that outsiders would grapple to fully comprehend. That is why the top translation service providers have established translation lines, complete with experts that deal with industry-specific assignments. You should therefore settle for highly specialized translators who would not even accept work in other fields.

Step 4: Interact Closely With Translators

Translation service providers will not fully grasp your needs unless you communicate them. You ought to interact closely with translators and give them timely feedback on the work they do. You can maximize the benefits from your translation projects only by interacting closely with the translators.

Step 5: Ask For Proofreading Services

Most translation service providers offer proofreading services in addition to the normal translation. You should therefore insist on proofreading services once your work is done. Proofreading will not only help in scrapping up tiny errors but also in maintain the general accuracy of your translation project. That way, you stand to maximize the benefits from your translation project.

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