Why localizing your Mobile Apps to the Arabic region is a must like never before

Why localizing your Mobile Apps to the Arabic region is a must like never before

What is mobile apps localization?

This article will begin with an explanation of what mobile app localization is. Localization is way of making sure that an app is targeted to a chosen market. If the app is carefully marketed to the region that an app developer or business wishes to reach, then marketers can effectively improve their revenues by selling their app to a much wider group of consumers.

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However, localization is more than just translation, it is about ensuring that the app will fit in with the local culture of the market that a business is targeting; this is especially important these days, as even the slightest mistake could cause offense and alienate your market.

Reaching new Markets with Arabic Localization

In recent years, mobile apps have become pretty much essential tools for both businesses and consumers; by localizing an app, businesses can reach a much wider market than ever before.

If you are looking to enhance your businesses profits then localizing your app for the growing demand in the Middle East market is one of the easiest steps you can take to increase the amount of downloads and improve revenues; recent statistics have shown that localizing your mobile app to the Arabic region could be crucial if you want to further your business.

Detailed below are the reasons why it is essential to localize your app to the Arabic region.

A) While smartphone use has increased in all countries, The Arabic region is one the strongest growth areas for smartphones. According to a recent report from Ipsos Media CT, there is a surge of growth in the use of smartphones in the Middle East.

B) There was a rapid increase of smartphone use in 2011 – 2012 throughout Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates; smartphone use increased by 11% and this growth looks set to continue as the price of smart phones comes down.

C) As an example of the growth of smartphone use in the Middle East, statistics from Ipsos show that KSA, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Lebanon all noted an increase in the use of smartphones. 79% of consumers in KSA now use a smartphone, compared with 63% in 2012. UAE and Kuwait showed strong growth in smart phone use as well.

D) eMarketer is predicting that smart phone use in the Middle East region will increase by 33.2%. If the prediction is proved to be accurate, then that is a potential market of 156.4 million consumers that your business can market its app to; such a large market cannot be ignored, which makes Arabic localization essential for increased revenues.

E) The Arabic region is home to many wealthy businesses and extremely wealthy investors. For this reason, many entrepreneurs and businesses are keen to establish links in this market in order to improve their fortunes and increase the opportunities of gaining investment and one way of doing this is through mobile apps.

Finding a reliable mobile apps localization service

Remember, the quality of translation will vary from company to company so choose a trusted business that has years of experience in this field and that guarantees its service.

Future Trans has been in business for decades and are experts in Arabic translation and mobile apps localization. If your company is ready to take the next step towards mobile apps localization in the Middle East, then Future Trans has the expertise to help you make the transition.

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