Future Trans: Localize to the Middle East and Africa

FutureTrans Localize to the Middle East and Africa

Future Trans. is an ISO9001:2008 certified international language service provider based in Egypt with branches in the USA, Turkey, and South Africa. We have been in business since 1994 and currently employ over 90 highly qualified and experienced in-house specialists, including more than 50 full-time native speaking translators. Our diversified team is a perfect mix of business analysts, team leaders, project managers, multimedia designers, software engineers, translators and QA engineers. is one where constant brainstorming and strategic solutions are created and high-pressure deadlines are met.

We have developed extensive industry-specific expertise in the following sectors: IT, Telecommunication, Automotive, Financial, Medical, and Legal Translation and Localization. Currently we provide translation in all Middle Eastern and African Languages; Arabic being the most notable and prolific language we translate for. As an industry leader for 17 years in the translation market, Future Trans celebrates a record portfolio of Arabization projects. Our satisfied clients continue to give us the highest praises for our Arabic translation services and are quick to note that the quality of our services far outweigh any they’ve previously received from our competitors. Simply put: no other vendor understands the term “Arabization” as well as we do. We know that it’s not just about translating a product into Arabic, but rather it’s the comprehensive process of turning a non-Arabic product into one that successfully appeals to an Arab market.

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