JD (Automotive and Heavy Equipment) – Expanding Translation Capacity and Streamlining Workflow Case Study

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Project Brief:

In order to meet the growing demands of John Deere, Welocalize embarked on a project to expand and double our yearly translation volumes in three languages: Turkish (TR), Hebrew (HE), and Greek. Our primary focus was translating manuals and internal documents, which presented tight deadlines and the challenge of working with a complex tool.


The main challenges we faced included expanding our team in the three target languages, finding a solution to streamline our workflow using a unified tool, managing the use of capitalization, and dealing with difficulties in word count calculations. The online tool we used consumed a significant amount of time, and not all linguists were comfortable working with it. Additionally, the projects were typically large in scale, with out-of-scope word counts, making it time-consuming to finalize smaller segments within the overall project.

Tool Struggle:

The online tool was slow and time-consuming, especially when it came to assigning projects to the caps online.

Tight Deadlines:

Meeting the tight deadlines posed a considerable challenge.

Resource Management:

Managing resources became challenging due to the high pressure and non-stop tasks.

Word Count Calculations:

Accurate word count calculations proved to be a significant challenge.


To overcome these challenges, we implemented the following solutions:

1. Hiring Dedicated Linguists:

We initiated meetings with language managers and decided to hire dedicated linguists specifically for these accounts. This allowed us to expand our capacity and handle the increased workload effectively.

2. Migrating to Client Server (Cloud):

We migrated our across server to the client’s server, leveraging the benefits of cloud technology. This migration addressed the slowness of tasks and improved overall efficiency.

3. Increased Caps:

To streamline project assignment, we purchased additional caps, enabling us to assign multiple projects simultaneously, making the process more efficient.

4. Training Project Managers:

We provided training to our project managers on using the across server, empowering them to assign tasks independently. This eliminated the need to rely on our internal localization support team and enabled continuous task assignments throughout the day.

By implementing these solutions, we successfully expanded our translation capacity, optimized our workflow, and improved resource management, ultimately meeting John Deere’s requirements more effectively.

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