How Legal Document Translation is Key to your Business Success?

How Legal Document Translation is Key to your Business Success 2

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Legal document translation is often labeled as one of the most challenging types of translation, as it blends the accurate, precise terminology typical of technical translation and the creativity that characterizes literary translation.

Why Do Businesses Need Legal Document Translation Services?

In an increasingly globalized world, there’s a growing need for such procedures as international commercial arbitration, and therefore companies are currently seeking professional legal document translation services to ensure that their legal documents are translated in an accurate and timely manner. 

Plus with the increasing need for businesses to expand internationally, they usually require accurate, reliable and quick translation and interpretation from law firms they deal with, especially when the global law firm gets involved in issues related to mergers and acquisitions of businesses that belong to different language speaking countries. In these cases, the law firm must have a bilingually well-versed advocate to easily solve such cases. 

With the importance of translating legal documents, but what will happen if these documents are poorly translated? In such cases, these mistakes can have a significantly huge impact on businesses. Here are three of the most consequences of translation errors in the legal industry.

Consequences of Incorrect Legal Document Translation

Not a single successful business can risk handling the translation of such legal materials as contracts, agreements, or compliance documentation to any ordinary translation company ─ for many reasons including:

  1.  A lot of disagreements and conflicts may result from mistranslations, which might negatively impact such vital aspects as the sales of the company’s products and services, business arbitration, an important negotiation process, or even an application for immigration!
  2.  Mistakes in legal document translation may lead the company to improperly present cases in front of law courts or panels of arbitration.
  3.  As policies, laws and regulations differ from nation to nation, so mistranslations of legal documents can wreak havoc at corporate, economic and other levels. 

Despite teeming with opportunities, legal translating is considered a challenge, especially for linguists who are not from the same country or are not familiar with the industry. These challenges, including, but not limited to:

1- Terminology: The major challenge facing legal translators worldwide consists in the wide gap that often separates the legal terminologies of the source and target languages ─ which often negatively affects the accuracy of translated legal documents. This obstacle, however, can be overcome by paraphrasing the original terms, with the translator’s note usually appended in such cases.

2- Legal Style: Legal discourse widely varies from country to country, shaped by each nation’s distinguishing traditions. Therefore, a successful legal translation company should depend on knowledgeable translators who are versed in the source and target languages as well as the structure of the target legal system.

3- Differences in Culture: Since the law is by nature a culture-dependent field, a successful legal translation company should utilize the expertise of specialized translators who are well aware of the differences between the cultural backgrounds of the two societies’ legal systems.

Why Future Trans?

With more than 24 years of experience in the field of legal document translation, Future Trans, an ISO 17100 certified language service provider, has always been depending on a team of professional legal translators  ─ who are qualified, experienced, and equipped to provide your business with first-rate legal document translation services that constantly follow the most rigorous processes across the industry.  

If you’re seeking to partner with a language service provider who has the required experience, subject matter expertise, an in-depth knowledge of the cultures of various countries across the world, and an established reputation for delivering high-quality legal translation each and every time within the client’s deadline, get in touch today with our team of legal document translation experts.

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