Giving Tcworld A Ten – Why Future Trans Will Be In Stuttgart This Year?

Giving Tcworld A Ten - Why Future Trans Will Be In Stuttgart This Year?

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At Future Trans, we understand that the world doesn’t stand still for a moment – which is why we don’t either.  We combine the extensive skills of over 60 in-house professionals with the latest technology to ensure that we provide consistent and accurate translation and localisation for every client, every time.   

We are delighted to be attending Tekom 2017 in Stuttgart, an annual event which we believe is vital in keeping up up to date and on top of our game.  

Tcworld 2017 and the Tekom Fair is a dynamic event which welcomes industry leaders from all over the world and is  a prime opportunity for networking, strengthening partnerships and meeting potential customers.  The event features a number of seminars, conferences and workshops including Translating Europe -Bridging the Gap between TC and Translation.

Here’s why we Tekom is in our diary every year:

  • Keeping us in sight and in mind

We’re proud of what we do and we want to tell the world about it – whatever the language.  Our attendance at Tekom not only allows us to reach new customers but also to catch up with existing ones in order to keep them informed of all the exciting new developments within Future Trans.  Sure, we could do this by email or over the phone but we believe there’s no substitute for the personal touch of a face to face conversation.

Tekom allows us to ensure that the world knows who we are and what we can do.

  • Nice to meet you

In the past few years, 500 new businesses have been formed every year just within the Middle East and North Africa (MEN) alone.  To us, that means the opportunity for 500 new customers.  With 4500 participants, Tekom is the ideal platform for us to showcase our talents to these new companies and to explain why our customers keep coming back.

  • Staying on top

At Future Trans, we don’t like to brag about our achievements – and we don’t have to as our customers do that for us.  In 2016, we handled 28000 projects for 320 clients in 40 different languages.  These figures are just part of the reason why Future Trans has been at the forefront of the translation and localisation industry and a MENA market leader for over 20 years and, our presence at Tekom every year, helps us to stay there.

  • Live and learn

Tekom’s impressive rosta of guest speakers ensure that, every year, we not only learn new things but also occasionally learn to look at existing processes in a new way.  This year we look forward to talks by impressive industry professionals including Robert D Anderson of IBM Digital Services and Frans Frejdestedt of Ericsson, Göteborg

  • Staying ahead of the trend

In today’s world, technology and digital product communication evolves at a breathtaking speed and a big part of any company’s job is to know what’s new and what’s on the way.  Tekom forums such as the GALA Localisation Forum and the IN Intelligent Information forum allow us to not only keep on top of the technology which already exists but to also become involved in the forecasting and prediction of new processes and tools.

  • Motivation and inspiration

The Tekom conference and fair brings together a 4500 strong team of people who all have one goal – to connect the world through the use of language.  Being part of this team every year reminds us, at Future Trans, of just how important and rewarding our work really is and why it’s vital that we continue to grow. Future Trans Business Development Manager, Mohamed Karim, a Tekom veteran, will be attending for the sixth year running and will be introducing Future Trans’ Customer Relation Manager, Rosa Hermann.

  • Staying ahead of the competition

They say that a little competition is healthy and, at Future Trans, we couldn’t agree more. In order to be the best that we can be, it’s important that we know who our competitors are and what we can learn from them.  At Tekom, we make it our business to check out the competition in order to see what they’ve been up to and, therefore, see what we need to do to ensure our position as a market leader.

  • Work it

The workshops at the annual Tekom event are, without a doubt, some of the most rewarding within the translation and localisation calendar. The Tekom workshop showcases various Tekom projects and the findings of a number of working groups in order to highlight the myriad issues and developments within the industry.

  • Tricks of the trade

Competition or not, Tekom is all about establishing and building networks.  In a fast-paced, highly competitive industry, Tekom allows translation and localisation professionals to meet and support one another as well as giving them the opportunity to swap tricks of the trade to help every business develop and grow.

  • The future is ours

Future Trans has been providing expert translation and localisation services to MEN for 22 years and, these days, we’re looking toward the next 22.  Through our annual presence at Tekom, we have built – and continue to build – a strong client base whose businesses will grow alongside ours for many generations to come.

As we prepare to attend  Tekom 2017, we look forward to a stimulating and informative few days and wish all participants the best of luck.

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