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video game localization services

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According to Forbes, there are over 2 billion gamers worldwide and it’s expected that the gaming industry will reach more $300 billion by 2025. To reach these customers is a complex process. As a result, many video game companies are turning to video game localization services for assistance.

This is because generating sales in foreign markets involves more than simple translation. Localization is the key to ensuring games are relevant, engaging, and successful.

What are video game localization services?

Video game localization service is the process of making a game culturally and linguistically appropriate for a specific country or region. This forms part of wider video game translation services offered by top-quality translation companies. 

During localization, changes are made on small or large scales to ensure that no elements disrupt gameplay by looking foreign or unusual to the player, wherever they may be from.

Which parts of the game to localize?

Video game localization outcomes vary depending on the needs of the player, the culture of the target market, and the features included in the game itself.

It could be that particular images in the game are deemed offensive or inappropriate in the new country and need to be altered. Alternatively, layouts, settings, designs, and storylines may need to be tweaked so that they make sense for the user.

Video game translation services may also cover voice overs, subtitles, and in-game text that need to be assessed and meticulously translated, as needed.

Video game immersion is not limited to in-game play, either. For true player engagement, boxes, manuals, and strategy guides need to look and sound the part. Well, localized physical materials attract players and make them feel involved in the virtual world that is being created.

However, it is important to remember that video game localization services can happen on a number of different levels. For those on a tight budget, it is worth contacting specialist game localization and translation companies, who can advise based on your unique game.

Why are these changes so important?

With such a growing industry, it’s easy to see why so many companies are investing in high-quality gameplay experiences for their foreign customers. But what specific benefits do video game localization services bring?

  • Video games are, at their core, tailored entertainment. A player can modify parts of the gameplay to suit their tastes; they can create or choose characters, change the music, play in different modes, and even build their own worlds.

           If a gaming universe is clearly intended for another audience, the player will feel as though the game wasn’t made for them. They can also no longer tailor it to themselves. Video game translation services that are offered by experienced professionals can help to overcome this obstacle.

           Even in games with fantastical settings, elements need to appear realistic and seamlessly blend with each other. This way, nothing disturbs gameplay and players can suspend their disbelief, becoming immersed and playing for longer.

  • Localizing a video game also makes it more attractive at the buying stage. The creator of Defender’s Quest, a popular game available on consoles and computers, noticed that international sales increased after localization in Europe and Asia. His findings show that Asian font support and high-quality translations were also important.
  • There 7.5 billion people living on Earth, not all of them are gamers but let’s say 50k. What if the 50k people download your game! WOW.

But a game in English will reach only 27% of the market, and if you want to get a higher market share, game localization should be your first priority.

  • Ranking in the app stores is really important in the gaming industry. Gamers always intend to leave reviews about the games. Misunderstanding of the game might lead to negative reviews and it will take a lot of time to overcome this feedback.

How to choose the right video game localization company

A translation and localization company needs to employ experts to work with you on your video game. That’s why, at Future Trans, we specialize in making sure your product is suited to international markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Unleashing the Magic: Future Trans and the Art of Game Localization

When it comes to reaching a global audience in the gaming industry, game localization services have become essential. Future Trans, a leading localization company, understands the importance of bringing games to life in different languages and cultures. With their expertise in game translation, including the highly regarded Andovar game localization services, they ensure that every player can fully immerse themselves in the gaming experience.

The level up translation provided by Future Trans guarantees that all correct games, regardless of genre or platform, are localized with precision and attention to detail. Not only does game localization bridge the language gap, but it also considers cultural nuances, ensuring that gamers around the world feel engaged and connected.

Future Trans also recognizes the significance of cost-effectiveness in game localization, offering competitive localization cost packages without compromising on quality. Additionally, they collaborate with game art outsourcing companies to provide visually stunning and immersive gaming experiences.

With their commitment to exceptional service, Future Trans, backed by the expertise of Amber Game customer service, stands ready to assist game developers and publishers in reaching new horizons and capturing the hearts of gamers worldwide.

Offering well-established video game translation services, we provide high-quality localization engineering and testing. We are ISO 17100 certified and have worked with major businesses from around the world over the past 25 years.

Our translators and localizers have the latest versions of quality assurance and project management tools at their disposal, leading to superior work and faster timescales.

Contact us to find out more about what we do.

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