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A leading international player, Future Trans, which has been successfully carrying out its operations in the Middle East and the United States, has finally announced the launch of its new venture “Future Trans Life Science”, it will offer revolutionized localization services for all life science fields like healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and many more. Moreover, boasting the right principles and decades of experience, the company has been spreading its roots all over the Middle East with an aim to connect with potential customers across the globe.

“Life science localization requires a different approach, high technical expertise along with precise adherence to industry terminology are essentials to maintain a high level of accuracy because one mistake could cost a life. That’s why we decided to launch a new division to take care of the high translation demand of this domain” said Mohamed Karim, business development manager at Future Trans.

The mission of Future Trans Life Science division is not just to provide translation services but to ensure the highest standards in the areas of pharmaceutical, healthcare, clinical research and biotechnology. Its penetration strategies over the years have been really effective in expanding its operations in different parts of the world while enlarging the customer base. Future Trans will act as a bridge between medical companies and communities by providing excellent translation and localization services. 

About Future Trans

Future Trans is an ISO 17100 certified translation service provider which has various offices in Egypt, USA and UAE. At Future Trans, 15 million words related to medical and health industry have been accurately translated. Furthermore, it has been running its operations for more than 24 years; hence, its reputation has been top-notch when it comes to reliability in precise translations.  Some of its major clients include Pfizer, Novartis, GSK, Omron, ISIS Pharma, Pari Pharma, and many others.

For detailed information about Future Trans and its divisions, Contact us now.

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