Future Trans Got Certified to ISO 17100

Certificate ISO 17100

Leading translation and localisation provider, Future Trans, has announced its acquisition of ISO 17100 certification as a valuable addition to its technology base.

Based in Egypt, Future Trans has led the translation and localisation industry for over 20 years.  Working with global and local businesses within a wide range of industries including Telecoms, IT, Automotive and Education translation services.

 Future Trans’s team of over 60 language professionals share their expertise and insight to connect businesses throughout the globe.

Forward thinking technology, quality assurance and project management tools, along with highly skilled staff, is the key to Future Trans’s success. Its new ISO 17100 qualification will allow its expert staff to expand and improve on meeting the needs and goals of every client as we move toward 2018.  As with any industry, the technology required to stay ahead is fluid and fast changing and Future Trans along with it’s expert staff believe that they are more than equipped for the challenge.

Committed to providing the highest standard of translation and localisation to their clients, Future Trans believes that keeping one eye on the future is the key to serving its clients to the best of its ability. The integration of ISO 17100 into its already impressive technology base is a vital step forward in achieving these goals.

ISO 17100 is the new standard in translation services with immeasurable benefits to both users and customers.  By simplifying the interaction between translator and client, ISO17100 creates a fully traceable system which ensures that case files are safely backed up and easily retrievable, placing important projects at your fingertips, wherever you may be.  

The benefit to the user is an efficient and streamlined case manager which eliminates the margin for error and, subsequently, customer complaints.

The benefit to the customer is the assurance that their vital work is in the hands of a talented, capable and, above all, qualified localisation agency.  Features of ISO 17100 include:

  • Commissioning work and translation
  • Proof read and review
  • Contractual requirement and project management
  • Traceability of the translation process
  • Overall quality management of the service.

For press enquiries contact:  

Nehal Amer

Marketing Specialist

10 Abd El Rahman El Rafei Dokki, Giza, Egypt

t. +202 33350040×1117| f. +202 37608966 |  nehal.amer@future-trans.com

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