Why Freelancers Hate Translation Technology!

Why Freelancers Hate Translation Technology!

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In today’s world, technology is increasingly important in our day to day lives.  Most of us have used two or three types of technology before even leaving the house in the morning!  The translation industry, amongst many others, has benefited hugely from the advent of technology.  

We at Future Trans for example have developed our own translation management system to streamline the translation workflow, it is a fully-fledged translation management system that consolidates all regular phases of the translation process. It makes it quite easy for you to create multiple translation projects, analyze files and make them ready for translation, retrieve project-specific translation memories and glossaries, and assign translators, reviewers, proofreaders and the rest of the translation team.

Many agencies are now using other forward thinking translation management and quality control systems such as XTRF, SDL, and Smartling and many others in order to make the translation process faster and more efficient – much to the disapproval of freelance translators.  Although there are many talented freelancers within the industry, an agency such as Future Trans benefits greatly from the use of translation technology which helps to structure the company’s output and regulate the quality of work produced.

Freelancers behind left behind?

Many independent and freelance translators feel that their skills and training are being usurped by this new technology – that they are, effectively, being replaced by machines.  There is an argument that translation management and quality control systems cannot provide the same high quality translation that a human being can.  Another reason though that freelancers are opposed to the use of new technology is that few of them are able to afford it putting them, they believe, at a disadvantage against the agencies.   

Finger on the pulse of translation technology

Technology is of course used to best effect when used to enhance human endeavour rather than replace it.  We’ve all heard the stories about drivers who have ended up driving into a lake because the SatNav told them to drive straight ahead.  At Future Trans, translation technology is used as a tool alongside very talented translators in order to ensure that work is completed efficiently, accurately and to the client’s deadline.  This technology helps the company to save time and money – a benefit which is then passed onto the client.

Freelance may cost you dear

Although there may be times when hiring a freelancer is the best way to get your job done quickly and cheaply, we believe that the benefits of a system using both human talent and technology by far outweigh any cost savings that might be made by cutting corners on a service which, if not done well, can have the worst consequences financially and in terms of business relationships.  Firms such as Future Trans make sure that they are constantly aware of all new technology in order to offer the client the best service possible.

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