Fascinating AI Integration in the Marketing Industry

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Artificial intelligence on a very basic level makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, add on new calculated inputs and perform human-like tasks. Most of the artificial intelligence examples we hear today, like self-driving cars or chess-playing computers basically, rely on natural language processing and deep learning. These technologies help computers to be trained and accomplish very specific tasks by processing data and by identifying patterns in that data. Artificial intelligence can offer improvements and solutions to problems through data processing and such learning.

Recently AI applications are becoming popular within the marketing industry because AI picks up the trends and analyze them faster and more efficiently. Large MNCs are actively implementing some form of AI initiative in their marketing practices and adopting a data-driven marketing strategy and data-centric approach to meet the demand for effective digital marketing. AI is helping marketers create very personalized consumer experiences that cost less than traditional expensive campaigns. They are also using AI for future optimization of marketing campaigns using every interaction a consumer has with a product. AI is helping marketers make strategies based on past interactions – and they proved that they are very successful!

AI and Marketing Integration

Audience Segmentation & Targeting

AI algorithms are using the data that marketers already have about the customers, then they recognize important variables and common properties in order to help marketers reach customers with a high level of personalization. However, the extent to which AI can segment the customers depends on the amount of data the marketers have: segments can be as simple as age and gender or as complex as buying personas and past behaviors.

AI also takes into account that customers’ behaviors can change at different times for varying reasons resulting in ‘dynamic segmentation’. So it targets them accordingly.

Sales Forecasting

One of the key areas where AI is really helpful is in sales forecasting. AI analyses the past data along with economic trends and industry comparisons to come up with precise predictions about future sales outcomes. The forecasts predicted by AI is based on past data so it is likely to be correct. This helps companies make strategic business decisions. 


A chatbot is a computer program which imitates human conversation in spoken or written form. They hold conversations with people or customers and help corporations automate their customer services. So they are a great way to improve customers engagement process and operational efficiency by reducing the cost of customer service.

Brands can also use chatbots in multiple languages to serve different segments of their customer base or even different markets without incurring high costs.

Watson Assistant -developed by IBM– is one of the successful chatbots of 2019 and it’s considered an advanced AI-powered chatbot that can pre-trained with content from a specific industry. It can understand historical chats, logs, searches to answer customers. It can also give recommendations apart from running a website, customer service tools, mobile apps and messaging channels.

Speech Recognition

Thanks to the advances in speech recognition technology, voice-activated devices have become an important topic in the marketing industry. Last year, Google’s speech recognition accuracy reached a 95% threshold. Speech recognition plays an important role in ensuring that voice interactions function smoothly and users’ require interpreted with accuracy.

Computer Vision & Augmented Reality

Computer vision involves programming computers to see the world around and get a high level of understanding from digital videos and images. It is achievable by AI and machine learning.  Computer vision is important for the development of augmented reality (AR) and its applications in the field of marketing. The better computers understand and recognize the physical world; the more AR can be overlaid on top of it with accuracy.

Some marketers use AR to show customers how home appliances products will look like in their homes or to show customers how beauty products will make them look like after applying them on their faces.

Can AI Take Over Humanity?

So here a simple question will be raised: will AI take over humans? The answer is also simple: NO!. We agree that AI is a powerful tool that helps companies to communicate an engage more with their customers, providing faster answers more than humans, but humans are always needed to be intervened. AI needs to be monitored and processed by humans. For example, AI can help businesses solve problems by suggesting solutions but it cannot diagnose problems on its own without human input. Humans will always be needed to work side by side with AI to create and manage the outputs.

Artificial Intelligence Translation

AI applications and programs can be successful in different markets if they are localized professionally. Localization service providers can help localize AI or offer machine translation in AI according to the market dynamics and need to ensure that AI applications are successful. 

The globalization of businesses means that AI applications will be used in different countries and languages. There is a dire need to localize or translate these AI applications to help companies use them for strategic business purposes. As stated earlier, there are a lot of benefits that marketers can get from AI applications but they can only make use of them if they are in the preferred language.

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