The Beauty of E-Learning Translation

The Beauty Of E-Learning Translation

“E-learning translation is all about localizing content to a local audience. Native translators are in a better position to localize e-learning content.”

The dynamic nature of business environments and the need for continuous professional development have created triggered the massive adoption of e-learning by organizations. E-learning (electronic learning) in this context refers to the use of electronic media and IT in staff education and training. Popular e-learning programs include web-based training, computer-based training and learning management systems (LMS) training. With the increased cultural diversity of the staff members in modern organizations, there has been a growing demand of translation of e-learning content to suit the language needs of different members of staff.

What is E-Learning Translation?

E-learning translation refers to the process of delivering e-learning content consistently across different regions in a bid to ensure complete localization of e-learning material. The e-learning content includes text, graphics, subtitles, software and web-based platforms or user interfaces. This e-learning content can be fully localized to a particular segment of the employees of an organization.

Why E-Learning Translation?

There are a number of reasons why organizations opt for e-learning translation. The common objectives of e-learning translation strategies of organizations are to enhance the effectiveness of sales people, to reach out to a globally distributed workforce and to drive client satisfaction. E-learning translation helps to improve the effectiveness of sales people as they are able to comprehend how to effectively use marketing and sales techniques of the company to their local clients. Multinationals are able to reach out to their members of staff distributed across different nations thanks to e-learning translation. Lastly, client satisfaction is the most likely outcome for a company that adapts its strategies such as e-learning translation to a local audience.

Benchmarking E-Learning Translation

There are a lot of translation companies- online and the traditional brick and mortar companies- that offer e-learning translation services. Like any new technology driven service, e-learning translation can be of high quality or low quality. Unfortunately, there are no distinct benchmarking data about e-learning translation which may assist companies in ascertaining the quality of service to anticipate when seeking e-learning translation. Fortunately, there are certain factors that indicate the likelihood of quality e-learning translation. These factors include the availability of native translators in the translation companies, the duration in which the translation companies have been providing e-learning translation and the range of services offered under e-learning translation by the translation company.

The Availability of Native Translators

The importance of native translators cannot be underestimated in the provision of e-learning translation. E-learning translation is all about localizing content to a local audience. Native translators are in a better position to localize e-learning content.

The Duration of Providing E-learning Translation

Experience is the best teacher they say. This couldn’t be more true in the translation industry. Experience with different clients in providing e-learning translation enables translation companies to be aware of the unique needs of clients in regard to e-learning translation. This awareness makes the tailor their services to meet these needs.

The Range of Services Offered Under E-Learning Translation

The more the services offered by a translation company, the higher their credibility. These services include editing of training graphics, translation and transcription of video and audio, translation of subtitles, translation of user interfaces and creation of captions of the hearing impaired persons. Choose a translation company wisely!

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