E-Learning: Education Made Fun!

E-Learning: Education Made Fun!

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The future seems closer than ever before! Gone are the days when teachers had to stand for hours trying to explain how the earth orbits the sun in a dull and typical classroom scenery. The groundbreaking digital transformation has revolutionized our traditional understanding of the world around us, and education seemed to be among the sectors that have promptly capitalized on these disruptive and innovative tech discoveries. Now education is offering a brand new learning experience to kids and adults alike.

Learning is now much easier, more fun, and more student-centric. Kids of today’s world spend many hours watching videos or playing games on their smartphones, and the educational institutions came to realize the necessity of taking advantage of this. 

Schools, for instance, started to incorporate digital learning solutions and adopt new tech-based approaches, while stuff like interactive online courses and e-books witnessed a significant breakthrough.

Likewise, software developers jumped in and brought us many educational mobile applications that apply the latest learning theories to create a thrilling and gamified learning experience kids can easily resonate with.

Here is a list of top five picks of e-learning platforms that went viral among kids as well as their parents in no particular order.

  • Learn Cube:

Creating a picture-perfect virtual classroom experience, LearnCube comes ahead of the most successful, educative, and fun-filled e-learning solutions. The award-winning application simulates the conventional school learning experience, making perfect use of various cutting-edge technologies.

  • Class Dojo:

Technology has introduced the world to new connectivity horizons, and ClassDojo is a school communication platform that aims to bring together teachers, students, and families in an online close-knit community. The software enables teachers to share classroom moments with their students’ parents through the multimedia messaging app.

  • DuoLingo:

Language is key in the learning process. DuoLingo is a renowned mobile application that deploys the best-practice language learning techniques and offers a fruitful learning experience. Featuring a friendly and versatile user experience, DuoLingo is the ultimate go-to source if you seek to learn a new language.

  • Dragon Box

Among many math applications, DragonBox offers an unrivaled math teaching environment through an entertaining and gamified experience. The platform’s game-like nature makes it one of the most amusing and loved kids teaching applications.

  • Khan Academy

Picked by US pediatrician Kathleen Berchelmann in Fox2now’s TV show STL Moms as one of the most efficient e-learning applications, Khan Academy provides trusted content and personalized learning experience, along with tools to assist teachers. The software employs endless technical capabilities to enhance the entire learning process.

The booming success of these digital platforms in recent years can be attributed to the soaring usage of smartphones among kids. A new study by San Francisco-based educational organization Common Sense Media showed that over half of the US kids (53%) own a personal cell phone by the age of 11 years old. This percentage even soars to 69% by the 12-year old mark.

Generally speaking, data compiled by international market research firm Statistics MRC indicated that the global e-learning market is projected to hit $275.1 billion by 2022. This ranges widely from the online courses and e-learning platforms to the giant educational institutions across different levels and age groups and companies incorporating online training programs for their employees.

The perks of e-learning

People from all corners of the world have lauded and embraced the rise of online learning for it utterly facilitated the learning process on all fronts. The following are what we call the “perks” of e-learning, or the reasons why e-learning has made a remarkable success and still has a large room for expansion.

  • Accessibility and flexibility: The availability of educational content is no longer barrier by time and location limits. This unfair advantage of e-learning paved the way for its exponential growth.
  • Personalization: backed by the evolution of AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities, e-learning managed to automate more personalized experience. Consequently, teachers’ responsibilities are slowly mutating into more organizational and guiding roles.
  • Immersive learning: The emergence of AR and VR turned to learn into a fun and vibrant experience that is tailored to each and every student. This reflected in more readiness and eagerness to learn and explore new scopes among kids.
  • Unlimited resources: The online content is massive and endless, and e-learning is never restricted by a limited library of books or archives of content. You can get to as many references as you want and technology will further help you filter and choose the best available sources.

The fusion of education and technology has brought forth state-of-the-art e-learning solutions that made paramount waves in the world of education. For these advancements to go global, an imperative need for deliberate e-learning localization services came into existence. E-learning service providers turning global found out it is essential to cater their solutions and software applications to their target markets all around the world, ergo imposed high demand on localization services.

FutureTrans have been among the early birds of the e-learning translation services sphere. We have established our reputation over a span of more than 25 years, gaining the trust of many international brands in a broad array of sectors. Big remarked names in the education and e-learning industry have opted for us, including interactive education technology giant Innovera. We provide all types of localization in all formats. Partner with us now and let your business be the next success story of the e-learning sphere.

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