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Transcription services

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Transcription converts information into an easy-to-read format that can be shared, stored, searched, or analyzed. Different sectors use transcription services for different reasons. But whatever your field, it’s always best to hire professional transcribers who work quickly and accurately.

Education transcription services

Advances in education technologies bring innovative teaching methods and new ways to present information. Transcription services compliment both in-person and online teaching by making these learning materials accessible.

For example, online lectures and webinars can be transcribed to give learners access to the information after an event. They can search for specific terms, annotate, and quote interesting sections.

Transcription services can be used to add subtitles to educational videos, increasing accessibility for learners with specific needs. These subtitles can also be translated for learners who speak different languages, increasing the video’s potential reach and therefore its value.

Medical transcription services explained

Medical transcription services require knowledge of medical terminology, abbreviations, and local services/institutions. Transcriptionists might take down dictated medical reports or other relevant information. They work with confidential records and often complex subjects.

Medical transcriptions might be stored electronically or in patients’ records. They may also be used to inform other parties connected with the medical profession (e.g. referrers or patient pathway organizations) and colleagues involved in a patient’s care.

Law firms

Because transcriptions allow quick access to information, they are used in many areas of the legal industry, including:

  • Interviews and interrogations
  • Depositions
  • Conference calls
  • Witness statements
  • Meetings 

Law transcriptions require high levels of accuracy and clarity. For that reason, transcription companies usually offer verbatim legal transcriptions which take down exactly what was said, word for word, with no edits. This includes filler words such as ‘um’ and ‘ah’.

Legal standards between countries can vary, so it’s important to contact a reputable transcription company that works in your local area.

Marketing agencies and departments 

According to recent research, 80% of us can recall a video advert we saw in the last 30 days. Video is shareable, engaging, and can be used across multiple channels. However, it’s not always accessible.

In some countries, subtitling certain video content is a legal requirement, increasing accessibility. Transcription can be used to make these subtitles and captions. It also allows viewers to watch with the sound off in public places, such as on a commute. Subtitles and captions can help with search engine optimization, too.

Transcriptions also allow marketing departments to repurpose existing content. For instance, a podcast could become an e-book, and a webinar could be transformed into an online course.

How do transcription services work?

Transcription services usually convert audio to text, although they may also work on digitizing handwritten documents. It’s important to find professional transcription companies that work quickly and accurately.

At Future Trans, we work hard to make sure our transcriptions are of the highest quality for every customer. To start, we receive your audio/video and discuss formats where needed. 

Our native-speaking transcribers then get to work on your files. Next, we proofread the text and perform quality assurance checks before sending the file back to you. We specialize in MENA languages. Simply send us a quick message to get started.

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