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From global giants to local companies, we help firms from around the world successfully take their products and services to customers in the Middle East and Africa, expanding their reach and profit.
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Future Trans The Arabic Translation Company of Choice

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For more than a quarter-century, Future Trans has extensive experience in delivering Arabic language translation services that combine quality, accuracy, seamlessness, affordability, commitment, and client satisfaction.

To meet the multiple requirements of our clients, we provide premium Arabic translation services for all kinds of documents:

Marketing, engineering, automotive, finance, gaming, telecommunications, medical, tourism, legal, education, e-learning, pharma, biotechnology, FMCG, technical, IT, agriculture, hospitality, commerce, web development, defense, along with professional website translation and app localization.

Our Linguistic experts will guide you to the mot accurate solution to your needs and plans.

Why Are Arabic Translation Services Important?

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Sizeable Audience​

The Arabic language is spoken in more than 27 countries, with around 300 million Arabic native speakers across the Middle East, North and East Africa, along with more than 420 million people across the globe. Besides, some Arab countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, are presently regarded as part of the largest importers and exporters across the globe. So, it’s imperative for your company to outsource Arabic language translation if you wish to do business with the Arab world.

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Large Market

Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Arabian Sea in the east, and from the Mediterranean Sea in the north to the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean in the southeast, the Arab World is well known for its consumers’ strong purchasing power – music to the ears of global businesses that aim to sell every product ─ from tech to petroleum, textiles, tourism, to sharing economy and much more. With this, localization services turn out to be an important need as well as an essential success factor for companies that wish to extend their global footprint into the untapped Middle East market. 

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Large Overseas Communities

With the flood of migration of Arabic-speaking people, Arabic immigrants need to understand all the services they need for daily living. So, whether your company is renting apartments or offering transits, or providing whatever products or services, you’ll need professional Arabic translations to make your products’ specs, regulations, policies and procedures understood oversees.

Subject Matter Expertise


The talented Future Trans team is ready to provide a stand-out customer service to brands and businesses looking to expand into Africa and the Middle East in the following areas:

Industry Expertise

The talented Future Trans team is ready to provide a stand-out customer service to brands and businesses looking to expand into Africa and the Middle East in the following areas:




Life science








Mobile Apps

We offer a complete package of Arabic translation and localization services to meet your needs.

Future Trans offers a wide range of Arabic translations which includes the following services:

Whether you need to translate English to Arabic, Spanish to Arabic .or any other language pairs, Future Trans team is ready and prepared with the professional, native Arabic translators, linguists, and equipped with the most updated translation tools that are required.

We take pride in our specialized teams of Arabic translators, who have various competences in a variety of fields, covering a broad range of industries, file formats and globally popular language pairs.

Fully aware of the distinctiveness of translating a document into Arabic ─ where source & translated texts may differ in length and may be read in different directions ─ our designers are dedicated to delivering a complete Arabic DTP solution to attract your Arab clientele.

Whether you’re looking to build your audience or accelerate business growth through organic search, our Arabic SEO services will drive the engagement you need and ensure your company is maximizing its organic potential across all Arabic markets.

Our Arabic SEM services stand out because they ensure that your PPC campaign’s keywords & ad copies, will match your Arabic market ─ thus helping you grow your brand & boost your revenue from Arabic language users in the middle east and around the globe.

Our voice-over experts are versed in delivering top-quality Arabic voiceover service that make your multimedia suit your target audiences all over the Arab world.

With our Arabic MTPE, our human experts will review the machine-translated text to highlight where changes need to be made so that the copy flows correctly in the Arabic target language. 

Our Arabic transcription experts will convert your audio or video files into clear text that conveys your messages to your Arabic-speaking specific target audiences in MENA.

Our Arabic software localization transforms your software with the Arabic-speaking target audiences in mind, thus making it available in the language of your customers.

We can handle your Arabic website localization, not only translating the text but such areas as currency, images, layout, and functionality too, helping you gain ground across multiple Arab markets.

We professionally localize your mobile content into Arabic to ensure that it is matching your target market in the Arab world spanning across Middle East and Northern Africa.

Our Arabic dubbing accurately portrays your message, capturing the original essence of actors & video, while remaining faithful & accurate to the original context & translating cultural terms or phrases to convey the same meaning to your Arab audiences.


The Trust of Our Clients Is Our Asset

Therefore, thanks to our long experience in the Middle East and North Africa, we’ve justifiably grown to be the leading vendor of Arabic translation services across the region, and we currently pride ourselves on gaining the trust of global top-notch clients, including Facebook, Google, Apple, Uber, Amazon, Coursera, and many others.


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