5 Million Words Translation in 10 days!


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The client is a top vendor from Singapore in biomedical sciences that creates and sells medical equipment. The company is a global corporate giant found in more than 20 countries and has approximately 15000 employees. The types of clients served by this business are life science researchers, pharmaceutical companies, clinical laboratories and healthcare institutions.  

Business need

The client needed a B2B e-commerce platform to expand the company’s geographical reach in areas where the company is thriving. The MENA expansion resulted from the client’s partnership with Future Trans.


Since content in biotechnology is highly regulated and structured, managing It poses a challenge. Therefore, Future-Trans life sciences had to overcome the following linguistic barriers and strict regulatory guidelines to satisfy the client’s need for a B2B e-commerce platform:

Notable Challenges were:  

  • Complex vocabulary
  • The Specialization
  • Huge industry vocabulary (5 million words)
  • Short delivery date
  • The Domain


Project Details

Services included:

  • Glossary Creation
  • Website Localization service
  • Project Management and Updates Localization
  • Text Translation
  • Copywriting
  • Multilingual Document Design, Desktop Publishing and Website testing


Our solution

  • A detailed planning session was done to take inventory of current translation processes and to identify key internal and external regulations.
  • Commitment to establishing channels of communication and feedback which allowed the Future Trans Project Management team to expand its outreach.
  • Collected prior translated references and glossaries to create an updated glossary of key terms.
  • Networked with a highly specialized biotechnology project team that utilized a quality assurance program to meet industry regulations
  • Specialized biotechnology project team functioned as a channel of communication to centralize the processing of all requests to produce real-time monitoring and premium translation service.
  • The “value beyond translation” method improved translations and allowed for better distribution of resources to stay within the anticipated budget.



  • Management  by specialized personnel in biotechnology
  • Project management support 24/7
  • Time zone management
  • 5 million words in 10 days
  • Satisfied customer


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