3 Reasons Why Telecommunication Translation Services Are as Important as Cell Towers

Why Telecommunication Translation Services Are as Important as Cell Towers

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An industry that rocks, the telecom sector has always been the driver for innovation and growth for all other industries of the global economy. As the world economy’s actual engine, this vital industry is connecting the earth via fixed telephone networks, mobile phones, and internet-linked PCs, and, therefore, touches every corner of the global system and affects every aspect of our daily lives. 

What Does the Telecom Industry Look Like in 2020?

When it comes to the future of the telecom industry, let’ start with remembering that according to Statista, global mobile subscriptions were estimated to go beyond the 8 billion milestones in 2019, reaching a total of 8.3 billion mobile subscriptions, compared to 7.9 billion in 2018. 

And this estimate has come true as we see ─ which takes us to another (similarly significant) estimate related this time to the annual global spending in the telecom services industry in the period 2019 -2023, which is expected to grow by 1.23 percent in 2020 compared to 2018.

Then, to move onwards from figures to strategic forecasts, there’s no doubt that the entire universal telecommunication landscape in 2020 will definitely be shaped by new technology ─ mainly 5G. Why?

Even though the 5G is still in the making, yet, it’s expected that the upcoming generation of solutions will be mainly based on it. Telecom companies will certainly capitalize on the new 5G infrastructure to attract and retain consumers. How?

They will be using the huge potentials and “killer applications” of 5G to reshape the “customer experience” through increasing both download speed and monthly data capacity on their customers’ unlimited plans ─ which are used to attract and retain clients. Good, and what about the other stakeholders in the telecom sector?

In fact, 5G is expected to become a blessing for almost all stakeholders of the telecom industry, including network, infrastructure, and equipment vendors. All in all, global 5G network infrastructure revenues are estimated to reach USD 4.2 billion in 2020, recording year-over-year growth of 89%. Okay, but which sectors will be targeted?

Overall, telecom firms are expected to ─ and in fact are starting now to ─ promote 5G applications in such industries as health care (telemedicine solutions), retail, education (distance learning), manufacturing, and transportation. Also, telecom operators will be using 5G as an enabler for private networks.

After all, is said and done, it might still be important to ask a question: What are the marketing trends that will be shaping the telecom industry in the near future?

3 Trends Affecting Telecom in 2020

Even though technology continues to be the main theme of the year, yet for telecom companies, there are a number of marketing trends that can actually be described as game changers that will create significant shifts in the way companies do business. 

First – The Role of Influencers

Since they’re normally doing a lot of B2B business, telecom companies should follow the trend of influencer marketing with a view to promoting their products and offerings. Here, the telecommunication translation services are increasingly becoming very important, as subtitling videos will be targeting the influencers ─ who are sought after for their industry and thought leader status, and whose endorsements will always make the real difference. 

Second – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

As the main driver of the entire tech industry, telecom companies have to leverage the rising potentials of artificial technology (AI) and machine learning ─ with the purpose of delivering products that push their current customers and prospects into the future of connectivity. 

Specifically, telecom firms should be the first to invest heavily in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for boosting customer experience, including the use of chatbots and virtual assistants for customer care and customer satisfaction. If they were not the pioneers in pushing the boundaries of these technologies and leading the way to market automation, who else would?!

Third – Content Marketing

For a successful telecom company, it’s not only an issue of engaging content that attracts customers and prospects to their side, but also, and probably more importantly, they should put in place a fully developed content marketing strategy that works efficiently with a tech-savvy audience. 

Also, it is vital for telecom firms to publish their content on platforms that their customers hang around, and to put this material in their customers’ mother tongue. And, again, here we find the vital role of telecom translation services.

So, when it comes to a telecom operator’s translation partner, how do they get selected?

Why Future Trans?

We, at Future Trans, have a long story to tell about our collaboration with the telecommunication industry. 

Whenever our top-notch telecom firms roll out their latest telecom services, they rely on our telecom translation services to ensure that their content ─ including instruction manuals, technical documentation and marketing materials ─ is professionally translated to fit into the local language of every and each new audience they are targeting.  

We boast our expert team of professional linguists who use their skills and considerable expertise in the telecom sector to deliver high quality, cost-effective and accurate telecommunication translation services

Aiming to help you reach out to your global customers, we provide the most accurate translations of telecom materials, including cloud computing, mobile telephony, ICT applications, telephone manuals, online help content, telecommunication maintenance manuals and many more types of documents.

Contact us today for a free quote.

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