10 Steps To Achieving High Quality Translation

10 Steps To Achieving High Quality Translation

To ensure your underlying message is received by your target audience, there are certain mistakes you can’t afford to make; a mistake like choosing an unreliable provider of professional translation services. You cannot make compromises if you desire high
quality translation services. Luckily, here are 10 steps that will come in handy in your quest of getting good translation services:-

  • Narrow Down On Translators With Substantial Experience

In the translation industry, experience is king. Translation and localization assignments are awash with unprecedented needs and other contingencies that often leave even the most highly trained translator fumbling. Experience in dealing with such issues constantly while still delivering high quality translation is therefore the first attribute to look out for in translators.

  • Highlight The Ones With Multi Talented Teams

Translation assignments will often require the side by side interaction of various specialists and not just language translators. Proofreaders, engineers, quality assurance staff and an array of other specialists will be brought together to deliver high quality translation services. Translation service providers that have established such solid teams are ahead of the game.

  • Spot The Ones With Industry Specialization

Providers of good translation services read and respond to the market before anyone else. They probably have specialized in a number of industries such as automotive, government,
healthcare and electronics.

  • Even Better, Spot The Ones With Product/Service Specialization

Specialization based on industry is not enough. A provider of good professional translation services is likely to have extended specialization based on product and/or services. This specialization is of course complete with the prerequisite resources and tools.

  • Look For The Ones With Established Brands As Their Clients

Social proof is a reality not just in life but also in the ever dynamic translation industry. We are more likely to trust a translator that boasts of clients such as Google, Microsoft and Samsung just to mention a few top brands.

  • Insist On The Ones With Native Translators

When all is said and done, native translators know a thing or two about their native language than the typical translator. You can therefore not go wrong with a well trained and equipped native translator. That is why providers of good professional services have a team of highly motivated and capable native translators.

  • Ask For Them To Cite Some Of Their High Profile Projects

It is often the tough high profile translation project that reveals the true mettle of a provider of high quality translation services. Such projects are the ones that stretch the pool of linguists and other resources that the translator would boast of. A provider of good
translation services will have a couple of such successful projects under their

  • Are They Up To Date With Technology?

Whether we like it or not, technology is actually dictating the pace at which the translation industry is growing. Providers of good translation services are therefore at the forefront when it comes to keeping up with technological changes. This means incorporating the latest CAT and other tools to manage projects.

  • Ask For ISO Certification

The translation industry, just like any other industry has standards. A provider of good translation services is compliant with all the standards for quality management systems set by the ISO.

  • Finally, Settle On The One With Competitive Pricing

That’s right, price should be the last factor to consider. This does not however mean that you settle for the most outrageous quotes out there. Settle on a provider of good profession
translation with fair and competitive pricing.

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