10 Growing Marketing Trends Where Localization Is Inevitable

10 Growing Marketing Trends Where Localization Is Inevitable

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Marketing today is known as a blend of technology and strategy but it has not always been like this. Marketing began with a humble beginning when people started to sell products, goods or services with persuasive communication between them.

New ideas of marketing developed during the industrial revolution when people began to find it easier to simply purchase goods instead of making them. The mass production by industries created a need for them to find ways of informing the customers and convincing them to purchase these products.

With time, competition in the markets led to the need for strategic marketing. Companies began to realize the importance of branding that allowed them to sell high-quality products at a better price.

With the age of the internet, new forms and ways of marketing came about. Digital marketing could target people globally through social media, blogs and multimedia content.

For this reason, companies are heavily investing in global marketing campaigns. The future of marketing is even more fascinating as marketers use artificial intelligence (AI) and integrate it into their marketing campaigns. AI is already providing outstanding results to marketers by studying consumer behaviours and predicting sales.

Thanks to the internet, the whole world is accessible for the sale and purchase of products and services. But this exchange between different nations involves the barrier of multiple languages. Localization and translation can help cross this barrier of language and cultural differences for marketers.

Here are the top ten trends in marketing and how a professional localization company can help in each of these trends:

Voice Search

Customers around the world are using voice search technology to search for products and services. Companies that offer products and services have to ensure that they are accessible to such customers and their content is voice-search optimized. But what do you do when you want to offer your product of people belonging to multiple countries?

Marketing localization companies can help tailor the content in a way that is optimized for voice search in multiple languages. The expert linguists can translate your marketing content and localize it for the target audience without changing the essence of your marketing message.


Chatbots are computer programs that imitate conversations with users like a human. These chatbots are being used in the customer service industry to automate the process of customer engagement. It is a quicker, automatic, efficient and cost-effective alternative to human resources used for the same purposes.

A localization company can help translate and localize chatbot conversations into multiple languages. Greetings, writing style, grammar and culturally appropriate way of holding a conversation are all the nuances that a localization company can take care of when translating content for your chatbot program.

Video Marketing

Numerous marketing reports and studies on types of content consumption from around the world have given a positive inclination towards video as the most popular type of content among users. Whether it is for learning or entertaining purpose, videos are being made, processed and consumed at a very high rate as users prefer to watch videos over reading text.  

A marketing localization company can localize your video to be culturally and linguistically acceptable for multiple countries. Here it comes the time to hire a video translation service provider to help you publish the videos in multiple languages.

Influencer Marketing

People trust people, this is why the trend of influencer marketing is on the rise. If your product or service is being endorsed by your customers, it is more likely to get more conversions as people trust those who used the product/service before.

A localization company can help you make your influencer marketing global in two ways. Firstly, a localization company can understand the trends and behaviors of your target audience and customize your marketing campaigns and content accordingly in order to attract the attention of influencers who will be interested in endorsing your campaigns. Secondly, the localization company can translate the reviews of these local influencers in multiple languages for a global representation on your platform.

Growth in Content Marketing

Sharing valuable content in the form of videos, blogs, social media that your audience is genuinely interested in, is what content marketing is all about. However, this content should not be just about promoting your product or service. Users around the world are interested in content that really helps them or has valuable information. You can definitely indirectly promote your product or service but you have to make sure that the videos, blogs and your social media posts are about how your product or service can help solve a problem they are facing or how they can benefit from your product or service.

A marketing localization company can help you take your content global by translating and localizing it for different markets. What sounds appealing to one market may actually be discouraging to users in another.

Integrated Social, Online and Mobile Marketing

With the increased use of the internet, we are bombarded with marketing campaigns the second we ‘log in’. However, studies have shown that even with all the marketing noise, customers are able to retain information about those marketing campaigns which are consistent in their message and theme. Integrated social, online and mobile marketing can help you get the attention of your customers.

A localization company can help you achieve that by translating and customizing/localizing your marketing campaigns for multiple nations. It is a huge task which a professional localization company can accomplish it successfully with the help of an expert team of linguists who have experience in the marketing industry.

Smart Speaker Advertising

Smart speaker devices are trending and there are opportunities to advertise through them. If users stream music, use radio services or go for voice updates, they can be exposed to advertisements.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence programs and applications are being integrated into marketing campaigns all around the world for data-driven marketing. Through AI forecasting application, companies can actually forecast the sales cycle. Artificial intelligence is also being used to analyze what the customers are saying on social media in order to assess their needs and behaviors, then suggests ways to leverage those needs. Localizing these applications and the data received can help understand the trends of different markets better for decisions.


The General Data Protection Regulation is a data protection directive which requires the businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. If you want to extend your business in the EU, it is important you understand the GDPR and your marketing follows the regulations. There are three key areas that marketers need to look at as per GDPR regulations: data permission, data access, and data focus. In data permission, marketers have to ensure that the customers are expressly giving data permission for managing email opt-ins (receiving promotional materials). Data access rule must allow users access to their data and delete inaccurate personal data that marketers may have. Data focus means that marketers have to justify the processing of personal data they collect from users. A Localization company can help your business translate its user privacy policy in different languages for clear understanding.

Mobile Payments

Roughly 5 billion people around the world have access to mobiles and only 1.2 billion have bank accounts. Therefore, financial institutions are trying to increase their customer base by offering mobile payment methods. There are mobile payment applications are being used to make payments online, in restaurants, hospitals and even for public transportation.

Different countries have different mobile payments and gateways. If you’re introducing a mobile payment platform globally, you have to make sure that the terms and conditions are clear for everyone to understand. People are better able to understand such details when they are in their own languages. Localization companies can help you translate the content for different countries in multiple languages and localize the design and layouts according to every country’s expectation.

A well-established marketing localization services provider like Future Trans understands all these marketing trends and has worked with clients like Uber, Gucci, Amazon, P&G and Kia in localization projects to promote their products and services globally.

If you have a marketing project that you would like to localize for a particular market, Future Trans is the right choice. Contact us today for a custom quote.

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